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  • Let us read..on cooperative evnironment..
  • hi every one Iam happy to join this group and help each other
    to improve our language , but let us don't forget that we are here to learn not to love and search for a boy freind so my big goal here to improve my self and others
    so lets speak English all the time
    I have alot of books about english I will be glade to share who wants this books
    salam elykam
  • there should be visuall aid for the topic of a lesson ,encouraging the learner to speak out more than the teacher after the basic concepts are taught.
    the classroom atmosphere should be relaxed through warming up activities such as mind games etc quizzes
    of past lessons...
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What are your Personal Ways to Learn English

Dear Friends,We are all here in MyEC because of different motivation. Others may say to have international friends, to know about different cultures, or just a past time..Others also regard it as a tool to be better in English writing and because it needed to their job and studies..But the bottom line is, we are here to be fluent in English, isn't? So why don't we share our personal routine and ways of learning English..So here I am my friends. I'd like to share my ways of learning…

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Importence of English speaking

Congratulation! I am very glad to join your group. Actuallly because of atmosphere people can learn language. If a person go to UK or USA where he/she finds populace of speaking English, he/she naturally would talk in English. In my country Pakistan, Urdu is a national language. Therefore I do not find English speaking person. I am seeking in MyEC those people who can talk through Skype. You will agree with me that EC is a very good platform to improve English. If you find any mistake in my…

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