A lot of people tell me that I'm so quiet. A lot of people also perceive me as lonely, negative or not so quite interesting to talk to.

        It is also what I describe myself, silent. Silence is my friend. I like being quiet because that's the time I hear the true sounds of everything around me. The trees are boosting their magnificence. The flowers beside the road are conveying their ethereal beauty. The cool wind that gently hugging me.

        Silence is my friend because to some degree it helps me understand the meaning of one's voice or one's intention. Most of the time I have my opinions but I just keep it to myself. It is either because I don't have a big voice and no one is interested anyway or because things are just complicated and I have to dissect it to the core. By the time I have my own side, the chance is already gone.

        But no, not all perceptions regarding me is true (at least in my opinion). Yes, I dread small talks but I love discussions about life, our purpose and destinations. I love deeper attention about frugality, minimalism, materialism, early retirement and gardening. I like asking what if we do not have religions? What if they don't exist? What if we embark on spirituality instead. What if we treat one another as equal on the basis of humanity and not the races nor the country we come from? What if we start the solutions within ourselves? What if we don't blame and complain to one another but instead we show compassion. To understand that everyone of us is part of the whole; therefore, you're not a separate entity from me and I'm not separate from you. We are One. 

        I'm not boring at all (again in my own view of myself). I could talk many things. It's just that there are no ears ready to listen. I want to talk, but I prefer more to be still. I'm not unhappy when I'm still like other people think of me. I'm just savoring the gift of tranquility, the inner peace, the void or the space within me. I'm not afraid of silence. Silence is a pure energy that if we are able to harness it we can have a control of our life.

        A lot of people are not comfortable with silence. Why? Maybe because they are afraid to mind their own mind. They think they are their mind. They identify themselves of what their mind say about them. They are wrong. We are beyond our mind. We are beyond our jobs, our clothes, our wealth, our roles to society. As Eckhart Tolle says, "We are not our mind. We are the 'Observer' of our mind". In that, we have the control over our mind and so our life. Don't allow it to control us.

        All in all, I'm not disheartened when others say I'm so silent because someone made me realize something. Silence is not bad at all. This person said that with my presence there is this calmness that I bring that makes his day right. And that's all I want and need to know.

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  • And don't worry, "the remote" is out of work. It was destroy kkkkk

  • Me too, it's nice to back here again. I miss all my friends. but as I see, some are not here anymore, right? how's sad!

  • Hello Mitran, 

    I can't stop laughing because of the 'remote'. :) That was funny!

    We have different personalities. Your husband should see how bubbly and cheerful you are, lovely Mitran.

    It's a great feeling to see some old member here in EC..  Nice seeing you again.. 

  • hehehe, I'm not the same, I mean : I'm talkative and can talk all day. some time, my husband says : I wish you like my TV that I can turn off anytime I want. Shocked!

  • Hello Earlyseven,

    I'm so overwhelmed (in a good way) with your comment. I couldn't believe it with my eyes! I feel so delighted that someone appreciates my simple blog. Thank you.

    And I wanted to say Welcome to MyEC. You seem a newbie here. Hope you explore around here and enjoy other blogs too or maybe you can also write your own. By the look of your remarks, I believe you are a great writer yourself.

    I will try to write when my ink is filled up once again. Thank you for a heartfelt encouragement. Have a wonderful day! 

  • Exemplary.

    Commencing the piece by agreeing to disagree is a genius. Progressing it through analogy is another.

    Then the climax at the middle that bursts with sincere emotions.

    Then finally piecing it all together with a magnifecent ultima makes this entire craft a beauty to read.

    You are one wonderful artist, Mayumi. Reading through this piece makes us gaze through the greatness of your soul.

    Well done! Looking forward to more of this kind.

    Love love.
  • Hi Onee-Chan,

    Thank you so much for this kind of writing challenge. I hope I can participate more on the next ones. 

    Hope you have a wonderful day. :) 

  • Hello Mayumi,

    How touching you described silence!

    You said "A lot of people are not comfortable with silence". I'm in. :)) Well, even when I go to bed, I wish something noisy around me. lol

    But sometimes, it's true that we need silence to do introspection, think of solution, or get inspiration.

    Many thanks for participating. Highly appreciated! Have a good day! ^_^

  • This is an open platform where members can put their feelings in words which also provides a learning process. Those who are in silence, the people cannot grasp that they have got the doors open to the world beyond comprehension. Besides quietness keeps one away from gossiping and back biting.
  • Hello Mishaik, 

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. This is just to voice out what's in mind. Good thing there is EC. In my offline world, I can't tell the reasons why most of the time I prefer to be silent. They perceive it as a negative trait and I end up thinking why do they think the way they think of me. And that's why this writing came about. I couldn't explain to them. But at least I can burst it out here. 

    Thanks again. 

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