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English club has been a great platform to learn English. While learning English in MyEC, we meet many people from around the globe. Some become good friends, leaves good memories.

I really miss many of my old EC friends. Some left positive impact on our lives. Some gave life lessons.

Sometimes I think I wish I could go back to my old EC days where I can meet my friends, have good chat and feel relaxed. As the time passing by, new members came, new friendship and goes on.

I really wish to see English Club to be active like it used to be 10 years ago.

I really wish to see members active participation in main chat room, blogs, discussions.

Moreover, I would like to thank our English Club creator, its admins, few other members who had been very active and serving EC since long time.

I think MyEC memories has convinced me to explore my emotions. I really miss my old EC friends. I am sorry as I can't note down their names here.

Thank you!!!

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  • Hi learner. It is nice to see some old members still in My EC. I wish if I had got time to be always here. It is hard to see how some old members leave EC but I know that  life is changing and people are changing according to circumstances. Thank you for sharing us your thoughts.   

    • Yes Mr. Tawfeeq.
      It has always been a great pleasure to meet our old friends and share sweet memories.
      Thank you for your message and remembering our old beautiful days.

  • Learner, I also miss the old vibe of MYEC! And, I often do remember those memebers who I knew, they were amazing people. Nowadays I rarely come,  peep into the chat room too but  mostly do not get somebody to talk to or if I get they somehow do not show interest to make a conversation but I am here and want to be.....

    • Dear bet,

      I absolutely agree with every point you mentioned. I also miss old vibe of MyEC and good friends. I still remember you actively participating in blogs, discussions and your coordination in main chatroom in 2012, 2013 and so on.

      I came with a new name and you might remember me with my old name.

      Thank you dear bet, for taking time to read my thoughts and appreciating my blog.

      Take care!!

  • I agree with you to the great extent. I enjoyed speaking with different people having diffefrent accent. it was wonderful experience for me. However, here I suggest you to stop living in the past and try to be like them and make a difference. 

    Happy learning!

    • Hi my old friend. I hope you are doing well. I am glad to read your comments.

    • Yes, Arif, it was truly great experience talking to members from different parts, cultures of world. I too enjoyed learning English. Learning is an endless process, we need to keep growing.

      As you said living in the past brings nothing, but I miss few members who had been strongly attached to me.

      I am fond of your English writing skills. You're good at learning English and have vast knowledge of English skills.

      Thank you for your valuable time, reply and opinion. I am happy to have you here.

      Thank you!!

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