I Will Never Do It Again!

          It is human instinct to learn something good or bad as per his own interest and environment, but if you have a strong curiosity that always pushes you to learn and experience something new and different, you then rarely pay attention to Rules and Regulations or any instructions. Sometimes in learning you may go beyond the limit knowing its consequences. At the end, you just learn from experience “I’ll never do it again!” which you may learn from others’ experience without endangering yourself.

          When I was grade 6 student, there was a pond behind my school wall. I heard from others that it was so depth. Therefore, no student was allowed to go near the pond. On Friday when school used to be close, I went there. I saw a boy of my height swimming in the pool as if it is not deeper than our height. When I asked him about its depth, he forbade me to jump into the pool. I thought he didn’t want me to enjoy like him. I finally dived into the pool as though I was a professional swimmer, but then came to know its depth. I screamed! help! help! and requested him to pull me out from the pool. He saved my life. Thank God! I am alive. It was not the last case. Life moves on with such curiosity and taught me lessons one after another. I trapped several times and enjoyed at the end.

           Notwithstanding all the experiences gained throughout my life, I made another sweet mistake, but this time, I did follow all the rules and regulations and all the instructions of my elders and seniors except friends who always stopped me to do it. They shared their bitter experiences. I thought that I might be different from them and would prove myself wiser than them. In the long run, I dived into the sea of marital life. Since then, I am continuously going down but could not find the bottom in a sense that working harder than before to lead a happiest life and give my son a better and strong future. At the end I learnt that keeping one wife happy is not an easy task. It will be blunder if I think of marring another woman. I will never do it again!

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  • Hehe... I know what you mean.

    No woman comes with instructions manual 😉

  • lesson learn.  =) 

    • Yes lesson learnt. Thank for comment

  •      My friend, the sense of humorist which your topic is immersed by, gave me a smiley lips. Thanks a lot. Anyway, every one of us had such experiences. When our memory took us back to the childhood days, we realize that most of them were silly. But as a children, we were pushed by our curiosity and our great passion just to feel the taste of the adventure, no more no less.

         But through the time we discovered that this kind of experiences gave us the personality which we have now by giving us the strength to face any resistance and walk through it. For sure, there is no strength without adversity, pain and challenge.

         Finally, I consider every experience we have as a blessed opportunity for learning.  God bless you.

    • @Swear, dear friend. Your words always have so much  power that add energy to soul and you share such appreciative comments on members' blogs.

      There is no strength without adversity, pain and challenge. You know the challenges are everywhere. When you plan to follow your dream, there is always adversity and challenges stand on the way. No achievement is so easy and free. You just need to make up your mind and gear up for bigger challenge. 

      Thank dear for reading and sharing such a great comment on my humble blog. God bless you too!


  • Experiential learning is a reliable way, yet learn from other people's mistakes is also good. Through experiences, we construct ideas about what we believe in and what is not. The same as in marriage life. In the end, experience probably tells us that commitment and sacrifice are essential.

    • @Peony, so agreeable comments. Thank for reading and commenting here. 

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