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What is your attitudes towards Learning English Online?

Posted on December 16, 2014 at 6:26 1 Comment


Dear friend,

I will be so appreciate if have a look at this file, and give your best answer. If possible please send me back, here or to my mail.


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At 20:14 on February 27, 2015, Ermia said…



کلاس های مجازی انگلیسی و آیلتس در اسکایپ.


پس از جلسه مشاوره، برای هر زبان آموز برنامه ویژه ای داریم
ارتباط به صورت صوتی

My ID in Skype: ermia.aghae

در این سایت برانیم تا با برنامه ریزی هدفمند وبرگزاری کلاس های انلاین  صوتی میزان دانش زبانی وگفتاری و نوشتاری  شمارا درهر سطح، جهت قبولی در آزمون ایلتس ارتقاء و پیشرفت دهیم. که برای این منظور منبعی با موضوعات متنوع  برای جهت دادن به مکالمات معرفی میگردد.

زمان هر جلسه یک ساعت است که در ان علاوه بر موضوع مورد بحث سعی میشود از جملاتی که به نوعی به موضوع مرتبط است و گفتار را شیواتر میکند استفاده کنیم لذا مطالعه قبلی شما زبان اموز گرامی در یادگیری و تسریع این فرایند بسیار اهمیت دارد.

به منظور رفع هرگونه سوال و تشریح کاملتر شیوه تدریس جلسه اول به صورت رایگان برای عزیزان برگزار میگردد.

1. هزینه کلاس ها بعد از چند جلسه دریافت می شود....

2. بعد از چند جلسه، پیشرفت برای زبان آموز بسیار قابل لمس خواهد بود.

At 14:00 on December 22, 2014, dara gino said…

Khahesh mikonam Sama. Halet chetore dooste man! Mamnoon wa mamnoon! I am very glad to hear those lovely words my dear lovely friend. Thank you!

At 23:42 on December 16, 2014, student9 said…

Hello sama
This is my answers about your questionnaire
please tell me the result if possible , just for knowledge .
Thank you
Good luck

This is attachment file answers.docx

At 20:31 on June 30, 2014, Aline said…

Hi Sama : ) 

These are my answers:

1. My attitude towards online learning of English is the best possible. I believe it's not a matter of attitude anymore, online learning is something that needs to be done in different levels from just as a support for presence classes to full on web classes. The online world has been a part of everyday life for a while now I don't understand why there should be any doubt about using it for learning of any kind.

2. I love the idea of being able to connect with people from all over the world. Specially because I've always been an advocate of international English, I've always told my students I don't teach them the way to sound American or British or whatever, I teach them how to comunicate well in English. Also, there's more time availability. People a way to besy nowadays to fit English classes bettween 9 to 5.

3. I'm all for online learning of English but I myself have just started exploring this. Signing up for myenglishpage is me trying to explore this and learn how to use it so I don't have any mature ideas about online learning yet.

4. Once again, I'm starting to explore online learning so I don't have an opinion about it. My only experience till now is of formal teaching and learning.

5. I love the chat idea. I'm trying to get my students to join. I know that the best way to learn English is to use it. 

Sorry : ( My answers aren't too helpful I'm still too green on this topic.



At 5:06 on June 29, 2014, Ana Cláudia Santos said…

Well, hi there sama :D

First of all, thanks for the approaching. Answering to your questions (I'll keep the order you gave them):

1- Online learning of English, to me, is an amazing opportunity to practice everyday everything I learnt during 10 years. It's practical once I come to the internet basically every day and it's dynamic because I can talk to different people and share different knowledges. It's challenging in some way.

2- Time saving (my case), dynamic approaching, multiple experiences, a new world, getting into the future.

3- I would say this is a nice way to improve communicational skills both in a profissional way and an informal one too.

4- Don't mind about it. I enjoy learning and teaching english both in classrooms or through the internet.

5- Guess I gave my answer backwards.

Please, anything you need just say.

Best regards!

At 11:46 on May 4, 2014, sewar said…

         Hi my friend. In fact, I would like to answer the questions which are in your topic but unfortunately I don't know how. So, With your permeation, could you help me????? Thanks in advance.   

At 9:46 on April 30, 2014, pejahm said…

hi sama

if i can help you please let me know

At 13:48 on April 29, 2014, sewar said…

At 6:43 on April 23, 2014, faezeh said…
hi sama im faezeh nice to meet you . im a new lerner i have alot of questions pleas help me can you explain about english club with mail
pleasssssss helppppppp
At 5:33pm on April 22, 2014, Robbie gave sama a gift
It's nice to meet you, Sama! Thank you for the friend request. May you have a meaningful stay on MyEC! Take care....

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