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The finger aim the moon. The wise look the moon, the dumb look the finger

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PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Indian Summer in Moscow? Really? In Europe the things are very crazy! hehehehe. Here the sun always appear. Here we are in a period wich we have to put our watch forward one hour, called summer time, because the days are more long in the south…"
Oct 29, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Oh my dear! Thousand excuses. In the lastest weeks I’ve had many urgent things to solve. I am passing for changes in my work. I work in a electrical project office and we took big electrical project from other regions of Brazil, thanks God.…"
Oct 29, 2010
White daisy left a comment for PNahass
"hi how are u? i come back again after a long absence with hoping that u are in a good health i miss this club alot i hope that u have not forget me happy day"
Oct 8, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Hello Valentina! (Today is Valentina's day, again), My heart cheered when I read your message. You will come to here. It's cool!!! And amazing!!! But I understood. A day. Ok! You proposed me an interesting exercise: to make a tour plan…"
Sep 22, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Hello Aleftina! (or Valentina? - Valentina's day. I love it!) I'm fine, thanks. Recently, I have had little time to visit this site too, but when I have a little time, I use my very best. I'd like to apologize because I am so anxious…"
Sep 13, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Hi Aleftina! Don't worry. I only hope that you have been always fine. I'm very, very impressed and delighted with the paisson in your words. Your country is truely a different world. Did you born in Germany? With how many years did you go…"
Sep 2, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Hello Aleftina. How are you? How are your study of English? Did already rain for there? For here the weather continues dry and cold. Have you liked My EC site? Have you improved your English? Take care, See you!"
Sep 1, 2010
PNahass updated their profile photo
Aug 27, 2010

Nadira left a comment for PNahass
"Regards] Nadira"
Aug 23, 2010

Nadira and PNahass are now friends
Aug 23, 2010
PNahass updated their profile
Aug 23, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"I had put the song "Seio de Minas" (Minas's breast). After I translate the lyric. Ok? Now are 12 p.m Sunday. I need to sleep. I'm going to wake up 6 a.m tomorrow morning, hehe. A great week for you. Take care. See you."
Aug 23, 2010
PNahass posted a song

 play Paula Fernandes - seio de minas

Aug 23, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Hello Aleftina, If Had I already been in Russia? No, I hadn't. It's not because I didn't have will, because I desire a lot. In the truth, I never went out from Brazil. Did you already? I like a lot of History, mainly from Russia,…"
Aug 18, 2010
PNahass left a comment for AA. Salman
"Hello Salman, what's up? In the lastest times you, arabs, have liked a lot of soccer, right? I say it because many brazilian soccer players and coaches have been hired by arab teams. So, do you know anyone? Do you like soccer? My surname is…"
Aug 11, 2010
PNahass left a comment for Valentine
"Sorry, I stoped to breathe. ;-) In Minas Gerais, it's not only the cities, the handicrafts and the nature are beautiful. My State is recognized like the State of Mountains (are hills compared with the Himalaia and other), so, there are many…"
Aug 10, 2010

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Learner of English
English level
Other languages spoken
Favourite book, movie, song/band etc [in English!]
Dan Brown's books, The Lord of the Rings, The shadow of the wind, The city of the sun, The bookseller from Cabul, The hunter of kites, Bernad Cornwell's books, etc.
Movies: "Castaway" with Tom Hanks.
"The upper of the Felt sorry" - It mark the simplicity and brilliantly of the brazilian cinema
"The Lord of the rings" - It's classical for me
"The Circle of fire" - It portray the Stalingrado's Battle in WWII - Spectacular!!!
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
"You lay your roots on the rock and face the wind, although that it carry all your leafes".

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At 8:43 on December 31, 2010, Valentine said…

I wish you Happy New Year!!!

At 17:37 on November 11, 2010, Valentine said…
Hi! You are here finally!!! My loss is found)))
I am glad that you are ok! And accept your thousand excuses!
I wish you luck and patience to work and study! And I agree to found here Valentine’s Day. But I have one condition, you will write more often than one time in a month. Ok?)
To our regret here in Russia we are in a period named winter time, we recently have change over our clock an hour back. But now the abnormally warm weather in Moscow for November. Temperature is 10 above zero. Usually at this time there is snow and cold. But we don’t upset. But we promise a very cold winter ((((bbbrrrrrrrr…….
I don’t know who Lola Melnick is. I have never heard about her. I’ll search some information in the internet. I need to remove this gap)))
Best wishes!!!
Take care! Rest is also necessary!
See you soon I hope)))))
At 9:58 on October 28, 2010, Valentine said…
How are you? I hope everything is fine! I lost you, perhaps you are very busy and havent time to visit this club.
Are you working or studying or work and study?
Where if sure it is not a secret?
Good luck!!!
I hope see you soon!!!
At 8:21 on October 8, 2010, White daisy said…
hi how are u?
i come back again after a long absence with hoping that u are in a good health
i miss this club alot
i hope that u have not forget me
happy day
At 8:47 on September 21, 2010, Valentine said…
How are you keeping? I am good!
Imagine yourself that one day I’ll come to Brazil! To be exactly where you live!
I want that you organize for me tour. What will you show me? What do you prefer and like in your city (state)? How do you spend your spare time?
Thanks for attention! I will be waiting!!!
See you!
Take care!
At 12:45 on September 14, 2010, Valentine said…
Hello, PNahass!!!
I am fine as you too) Thanks)))
Thank you very much for your words about my country. I am glad that you liked my story. I tried)))
I and my parents are Russian. I live in Russia almost all my live. I was very small then we returned in Russia. My parents lived and worked there some time. To my regret I haven’t got relatives in Germany and I don’t know Germany language. But it’s my homeland. I am proud of it.
Ok, next. An honor guard stands on duty in the Alexander Garden near the Eternal Flame daily from 08.00 to 20.00 hours. Change of the Honor Guard is just one hour.
Yes, I agree that I have more opportunities to travel around Europe. But it’s only opportunities. For example in last year I and my friend were going to Spain, if to be exactly Majorca. We did everything, submitted all necessary documents for visa in the embassy. And what do you think? We were refused. In that moment they were at the embassy in a bad mood. I was so upset and angry.
I liked your choice of what you would like to visit. England, Spain, Portugal, Germany… Italy and France are such a romantic places.
Valentina) it’s my name in the real life. Valentine’s Day is not our holiday. Our Saints are Peter and Fevronia. This is day of family and marriage. But despite on it every year in Russia Valentine’s Day is celebrated all a big way.
I like this club too. But to my regret I haven’t felt yet that I improved my English. But I try) Many members of this club offered me to practice speaking English using Skype. I am afraid and shy. You are shy… I am the same. I am nervous and embarrassed in the company of the other people especially who I don’t know.
Now the weather in Moscow is so beautiful. I love such period named Indian summer. The sun is shining and so warm and tender. Sky is blue and without clouds. Windless.
Sorry for my incoherent writing)))
Best wishes!!!
See you!!!
At 10:15 on September 2, 2010, Valentine said…
Thanks, I am good! And what about you?
The weather here is cool and rainy. And I almost have forgotten about this unreal summer.
I sent you a massage. I didn’t want to divide into two parts on your wall.
I like this site. It’s was my first experience to register in any social networks.
But I can’t to visit this club much. I have not enough time.
About improving! To be honest I don’t know. I just learn. And you? Do you have any progress?
How long are you learning English? Do you have opportunity used English in practice?
See you!
Good luck!
Take care!
At 17:29 on August 23, 2010,

At 15:49 on August 18, 2010, Valentine said…
Hello Pedro!
I liked your story, especially song. And I would like that you write me second song. And more I would like to hear these songs in original) Sincere and simplicity! This is lacking in our up-of-date world.

It's nice. You know a lot about my country. Have you ever been here?

Best wishes!
Take care
Good luck!
At 12:23 on August 7, 2010, Valentine said…
Hi Pedro) Thanks for your comment.
How are you keeping?
Yes, today the weather is very unpredictable, don't know what to expect, makes it's own rules.
About book. Its about Russian History. This book was written by A.N. Tolstoy. This book is about one the most famous historical figures in Russian History - Peter I. In this novel tells about his childhood, adolescence, achievements, victories and defeats. I will mention a few interesting facts. For example, Peter I founded one of the most beautiful city in Russia and I dare say, in the world - St. Petersburg. The architecture there is spectacular. Earlier in the XVIII -XX centures, St. Petersburg was the capital of Russian Empire. Peter I opened a window to Europe. One of the major achievements of Peter has been a considerable expansion to Russia in the Baltic region after the victory in the Great Northern War.
Your book, I dont know, I tryed to search in the internet, but nothing.
Dont forget please that in the next your comment you promissed me to tell more about Minas Gerais, Brazil. I will be wait. Thanks)

Best wishes.
Have a nice day.

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