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Desktop or Laptop??

My first experience in using computer was from desktop PC. What about you?? It was really great using it for years. I changed it with small netbook just a few years ago. I now realize that desktop computer is better than laptop computer, I think.

In t

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Eating with bare hands

Hello everyone! ^_^

I hope your days are great.

Have you ever eaten with bare hands?? WITHOUT CUTLERY. OR, If you do that, how often do you eat with bare hands??

Do you know that eating with bare hands is useful for us?? They say the flora in the finger

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If Love is Blind ...

Hi everyone,

Sometimes, I was bothered by some thoughts about love. :))))

Well, have you ever loved someone blindly? Some melancholic lovers said "I will fall in love when I get the chemistry with him/her". And if it happens, then you will do anything

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With OR Without Debts?

Good evening, everyone! ^_^

I always wonder, in this world, why people do like to be in debt.

I could understand if the one need borrows money, but why do rich people also like to be in debt?

Once, I had an opportunity to interview a rich woman. :D I as

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Feature Changes on MyEC

Good Morning everyone! :)

I hope you all are super wonderful today and in a good health. :)

Have you noticed the edit menu on 'add a blog post', 'add a discussion' or on 'comment' box? It seems there are some changes. 

It's nice that we're now able to u

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