Desktop or Laptop??

My first experience in using computer was from desktop PC. What about you?? It was really great using it for years. I changed it with small netbook just a few years ago. I now realize that desktop computer is better than laptop computer, I think.

In the same price, desktop computer has high specification than laptop. Desktop computer is more powerful than laptop. I remember that I played Plants and Zombies for twenty-four hours non-stop during my school days. lol

Desktop computer won't give me great radiation like laptop. Well, the fact is otherwise. Google tells me that laptop generally emits lower radiation than desktop. However, people are normally closer to laptop when using it.

I'd like to buy a new computer in the near future. I really need it. Since I don't really need mobile device, I consider to buy desktop. Though I'm somehow determined in it, I'd like to know...

Do you have any suggestions? OR Which one do you prefer? Desktop or laptop? Can you give any plus and minus?

Thank you for your time. 

Have a nice day! :))

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  • Have you bought anything, yet?? 

  • Hello Onee-chan,

    I remember using my first desktop back in 1998. I used it mainly for games such as 'The prince of Persia' or 'FIFA 98', 'FIFA 99', etc. But I gradually moved towards laptop since I don't quite remember. But, I know when I first came to Australia in 2007 I was holding a DELL notebook and it served me quite well for my first a few years and I moved to MacBook Pro 2011 which I think I purchased in 2012. I sold it for around $600 in 2016 and I bought a new MacBook Pro 2015 Retina display. Ever since, it became my good tool for all sorts of things, but primarily for my studies. If you did not know yet, I am a university studet majoring linguistics. I have a desktop which I purchased from my good friend cheaply, and I use it occationally. In fact, I am going to use it for sorting out my research data today. In other times, I use it for watching some sports, YouTube videos, surfing the net, checking e-mails, and some minor stuffs. Such tasks are the same on my notebook. They both are great, but I prefer my notebook because it is mobile, more powerful, quiet, and has a Retina Display so there is less strain on my eyes.

    I recommend a MacBook Pro notebook because like I said it is a reliable, powerful and mobile notebook. I have not thought of implications of radiation. Can you tell me more about it? 





    • I'm sorry for my belated reply, Sunho. :)

      Wow!! It seems you have super powerful great notebook. :)))))

      Well, the things that I feel so much with laptop/notebook is hand burning. The heat from laptop seems radiate to my hands. :D I don't know much about the radiation. I just feel so painful in my head, get dizzy when I work a lot with laptop.

      Thank you for your reply. 

  • I have desktop PC at my office on my table and labtop at home. I feel comfortable in typing on desktop pc while labtop is easy to move from one place to other that is plus point I think. By the way I vote for labtop :)

    • Brother Arif,

      How could you say that you're comfortable in typing on dekstop pc while you vote laptop? :))))

      Thank you for your reply, brother. Good day!

  • Naturally 'desktop' because it came to marketing prior to 'laptop'.  I still have one back there in Karachi.

    But now I have 15 in screen Corei7 laptop here in USA, besides cell phone.  But I find it difficult typing

    big matter on cell, because of keys which do not cop up with my finger tips. There is one problem with 

    me, that I have been using desktop most of the time especially in during job, and we use a seperately

    attached keyboard, which we were in the habit of hitting hard.  This is prettry risky with laptop keyboard.

    I have been advised not to do so..

    Desktop almost going to be obsoleted, so I would prefer laptop, because you can carry it anywhere 

    you go.

    • Thank you, Mishaikh. I prefer dekstop because it can work harder and in long period. I need a wide screen as well.

      I have it now. It's since three days ago. ^^ Thank you for your precious reply.

  • Dear sweet A, LOL.....

    See you soon. ^^

  • Nah! Too much work.

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