Water off Duck's back

(like) water off duck's back

The above idiom means one is not insulted or upset from criticism from someone else. If I say the bad opinion about me is like water off duck's back, I mean I am not insulted or upset by the someone's…

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Vocabulary Learning

If one wants to write something in English, they need vocabulary to use in their writing. Therefore, it is essential to have enough amount of vocabulary in one's head. 

But it also depends on what they want to write about. If one…

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Sunho and Jimmy Butler are now friends
Sep 11
Sunho commented on Simon Miller's video
"Hello Simon,
I would like to brush up my English pronunciation. How can I contact you and learn fro…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to James.Chen's discussion Greeting of ET and sound man in Wuhan, PRC.
"Hello James,
Thank you for sharing your intersts. I would like to learn more about audio reproducti…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to John Hardy's discussion Hello everyone
"Hello John,
It's nice to know you are intersted in Asians. Can I ask you of what countries you visi…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to Sebsibe Desalegn's discussion about English
"They are afraid because they love themselves so much. They do not want to lose their faces by makin…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to Onee-chan's discussion Desktop or Laptop??
"Hello Onee-chan,
I remember using my first desktop back in 1998. I used it mainly for games such as…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to Muskan's discussion Why are you here? and what do you want?
"Why are you on this site?
I am at this site so that I can read and reply to people's writings writt…"
Jun 6
Sunho replied to MA NO's discussion Do all English native speakers know all the phrasal verbs, idioms or expressions ?
"Hello MA NO,
I doubt all native English speakers know all phrasal verbs or idioms existing in the E…"
Jun 6




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