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  • Dear Ohnie,

    how are you doing?

    actually it might be a long time after you wrote a comment on my wall about my blog about Palestine.However, I came around to check my page and your comment attracted my attention,you may not believe it but i even cant remember if i have answered you or not.anyway i found it worthy enough to write for you,maybe again.I got your point about differences people have and that's a true thing.i would like to point to a story narrated by one of the great men called MAWLANA in Iran,he was a poet and a great man in thoughts and theology. the story begins when one elephant is brought from india.they put it in a dark room.people go inside to see what is it and as they cant see ,each touches one part of the elephant's body so through that part they come to different understandings about the whole thing.for example one touches the leg and thinks that is like tough columns and another touches its trunk and thinks its a long pipe...Mawlona uses this story to say that how people have different understandings about God as they have got just some parts; that's while,if there is a light or candle to bright the reality and fact no one would go to a wrong way and understanding.What i want to say here is that .Although differences in thoughts are acceptable and as you said people talk about everything due to the piece of truth they hold , i believe that its not a one way road.If we have just one piece of truth we can find and get the second piece to make it more may be gained through interacting with other people or direct guidance of God or our attempts itself.we all agree that truth does exist,maybe we haven't got all of it but there is.So why not to help each other to turn on the light?maybe i have touched the trunk and you the legs ,together we have two pieces,again not the whole reality and truth.So i believe turning on a light will work the best.ITS NOT EASY SINCE MANY NOWADAYS ARE TRYING TO KEEP IT OFF.But we can make it!Can't we?

    i would have been glad to read your blog about Palestine but i couldn't find it.

    happy to have your comments on my wall...

    wish you all the Best


  • hi ohnie

  • Blessings on you.........
  • I'm proud of you because you are a member of MyEc since 2010.I request you to write a blog and describe your six years experience of MyEc.
  • Thank you so much for allowed me to seize you Hah Hah haa.
    Thanks for the FRIENDSHIP.
  • Hey can we become friends in skype? If yea then add me, skype id:vickyjosh77
  • Dear Ohnie! I've just created a new album "Those who are close and dear" where you can see all my family including all my "babies" and other "kids'.  Here is the link:

    But for anyone who can read your page I say: the music you posted here, everything you do in EC, whatever else I can say about you will only express my admiration and i am sure you know what I mean.

    I will send you a message, OK?

    Have a nice day and be happy!

  • nice page, i hope to talk with you soon


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