Weirded Out

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This was my most unforgettable concert experience. Not only because it was the funniest but also the most awkward thing ever. As you may have guessed, I'm the one behind the camera in this video.Weird Al Yankovic is an American singer-composer most well known for his parodies and satirical songs. One of my most favorite is "You Don't Love Me Anymore".

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  • LOL, Iki! Yeah, Nirvana, I think that was his first parody. Glad you know him as well. He's the funniest singer ever!
  • Hahah, Robbie, yes you are right! I was so out of my wits I forgot to grab and hold him, LOL! Geez, can't believe I let that opportunity slip.

    Ali, thanks. You look gorgeous in that tutu! (^,^)

  • Hahaha.....Funny+dance+1.gif

  • What the.........Did you get starstruck when he walked towards you, Ohnie? His name really suits the way he interprets his songs. :p

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