Mad World

I've almost forgotten that I'm a member of this group.

I've been a little active in the audio group but not on this one.

So, though I've posted my karaoke on another group, I'm hoping nobody will shoot me for posting it again here.

So here's the link:

Don't worry guys, any kind or violent reaction will be accepted.


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    You are so lucky, you are acquiring your english in the natural atmosphere.


    Wishing always seeing you,



    Hi Ohni,

    I've just seen yours now,

    Thank you for being here and taking us into your "Mad World".

    Frankly, no matter where to post, the point is to help each other. Your karaoke is too educational,

    beside your great pronunciation. 

    I wonder how to gain that perfect skill you have, if you explain, you will save us to be demoralized.:))



    • Hi, Selma.

      I apologize for the very late response.

      Anyways....SORRY and THANK YOU!

      I don't find anything great about my pronunciation, especially my singing, to be honest.

      I just started like anyone else here...or probably earlier than most of the members here.

      I studied English since I started going to school...umm...preschool perhaps?

      When I was 24, I moved to the US and been around native English speakers from then on.

      It's been 7 years since I've been immersed in the American society.

      My English is still not perfect and I'm pretty sure, never will be.

      But it's enough for me that good people like you are kind enough to appreciate me.



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