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Hey, girls! Do you usually suffer from a bad hair day like me, as in literally? How about we talk about this fun topic - HAIR! I think we can all agree that we all want a great looking hair. Who wouldn't? Oh my, I'd love to hear about your daily struggles in managing your hair. I have my frustrations dealing with mine and probably you too with yours. But maybe we can all laugh at it together.

Let me tell you about mine. I was born with very dark hair. But neither wavy enough nor straight enough. My hair strands are so thick and coarse to the point that they get poofy and frizzy. It's been a real nightmare to tame them. So when I became old enough to be vain (haha), I began dyeing my hair from black to brown shade so that it wouldn't look so dull to me. And then came along the straightening and curling irons - the answers to my troubled hair. Boy, I was ecstatic!

However, my happiness was short-lived. Gray strands started showing up on my head uninvited and without notice. Though I wasn't pleased, I welcomed them calmly. I always thought it's part of aging. I remember when one of my friends with black puffy hair found a gray strand on her, she started freaking out as if the world was about to end. She was totally devastated. What a tragedy! I thought it was funny that a girl who always seemed so cool and collected suddenly lost it over a single gray strand. I can't help but smile whenever it crosses my mind.

Anyways, lately, it was getting harder to hide my gray hair. They scatter well and fast and therefore becoming more and more visible. They say gray hair is a sign of wisdom. If so, then that would make me a genius! (I find that hard to buy.) Others say stress causes hair to turn gray. (Maybe I'll buy this one.) But for whatever gray hair means, I certainly don't like it on me. I don't wanna look older than I already am.

Even after regularly dyeing my hair to light brown the gray strands always come back without shame. I was getting tired of trying to get rid of my grays so I thought I should approach this issue differently. And just like what they say, "If you can't beat them, join them!" That's when I decided to dye my hair gray this time.

So several days ago, with the help of my sister, we applied two of the L'Oréal Smokey Blue hair kit on me. This is the only hair color I found closest to the gray shade that I wanted. After waiting for several hours, my hair looked like a messed up rainbow. The top of my head looked orange. Some parts looked greenish. Other areas were shaded blonde, brown and ash. Then I realized that maybe...maybe the dye would have worked well had we bleached my hair first!

So the following day, we bleached my hair using L'Oréal bleaching kit. After it was bleached completely, we applied another Smokey Blue hair dye. Again after several hours, my hair turned greenish like the color of a pickled okra. I didn't wanna stop there because my hair looked so awful. So the next day, as persistent and brave as I can be, we applied two more Smokey Blue color kits on my hair. I waited for hours, anticipating. Then as I was washing my hair, it appeared to me like I have finally achieved the color I so desired once and for all. I was excited. But after drying my hair, the smokey blue hair along with my last bit of hope went up in smoke! My hair looks more blonde than anything. Finally, after one bleach and five dye kits in three frustrating days, I had the sense to give up! Hahah!!!

Lastly, here is a perfect reminder for us all...


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  • Ohnie, I like the way you wrote about this topic; it's a very funny and amusing blog. I miss this kind of 'light topics' from time to time, thanks! :)

    I could talk non-stop about my struggle for keeping my long hair bright and perfect, but I don't want anyone to get bored! hahaha

    About the white/gray hair, did you know that's the stronger hair? if your hair turns gray/white it means that, at least, you won't be bald! That's kind of comforting: Better white/gray head than pool ball head! XD

    Thanks again for sharing this nice blog!
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  • Dear Ohnie! My long brownish black  hair is thick and straight but a bit wavy at the front of forehead, it is cropped nearly as short as a man due it had fallen across my shoulder, its looks cute while its touches my eyes and I ran my fingers though short hair that made my husband melt…..:):)
    Before sleeping I tied back in a single braid. I like to care my hair more than anything does, think of all the hours you spend washing it and caring for it...:)

    Thank you, dear for sharing the nice and most important things of woman life.

  • Magandang gabi Ohnie! Paki, tignan photo ko, Vampires. Long time no talk. Let me be like Estanis and Batu  but you know, it was because of my brother's dandruff. We men, we do not take care much about our hairs with the exception of some people. Ohnie, can you see my photoi, vampires and comment?

  • SERENE/LUCI...thank you girls for coming here. 

    Luci, seen your hair on FB. It looks nice and soft. Lucky you, your hair is still natural looking. I hope you can keep it that way for a long long time.

    Serene, yeah you are right. I tend to worry over nothing and not care so much about things that are really important, haha! I just wish my gray hair will go away on their own.  How about your hair? Do you have curly/straight, black/blonde hair? 

  • BATUHAN/ESTANIS...hahah, you guys are hilarious! What are you doing in here, by the way? This is supposedly a girl talk!

    Anyways, Batuhan, maybe you should turn your grief into an opportunity and be innovative. Since you get a broom head every morning, might as well make it useful. How about sweeping your floor with it? Your wife will be pleased and reward you for it. Hahah!

    Estanis, congratulations, you are worry-free! Hahah. I always hated it whenever I'd see a man with a long hair that is better looking than mine. I wonder you wax your head? Do you keep it shiny and soft like a baby's bum? (^.^)

  • Dear Ohnie,....a good and funny story but I hope to not experience it  when I will start to color my hair,cause for the moment I don t need to dye it:)...then regarding problems with my hair ...yes I have some :),because my hair is like live sand,very slippery and that s why I have to let it free...but at least it is straight....btw should be a girls talk:)

  • Dear Ohnie!! Funny way you present the blog, dear, you can try again after one month..:)...Don’t worry,otherwise stress will turn your hair more grey.. :)

  • Haha... I don't have such a problems, can't you see? :D
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