This One's For Crocodile

A poem written for my friend 'Dile the Crocodile.

An exotic tale of friendship that goes back in time like an ancient history
Perhaps not the kind of account that's exceptional, arousing or newsworthy
But indeed worth telling...never dile-apidated (dilapidated), never crummy
And in this friend's own dile-ct (dialect) I'll pen our story. 

Once there was a creature...dile-irious (delirious) but funny
A bit dile-inquent (delinquent) on the outside...he plays recklessly
A sentimental fool inside...he loves dile-icately (delicately)
His carefree spirit, his humble soul gradually dile-ated (dilated) my curiosity. 

His pleasant character was like of a Dile-matian (Dalmatian) puppy.
His witful remarks were like dile-icious dile-icacies (delicious delicacies). 
His awful jokes were my dile-ly (daily) dose of dile-ight (delight) full of hilarity. 
He has always been a closed book but I read him like an open dile-ary (diary). 

Our dile-ogues (dialogues) were often silly but he cared for others deeply. 
Didn't need to dile (dial)  his number when I'm caught in a dile-emma (dilemma) helplessly. 
He's dile-iberately (deliberately) around me, watching constantly. 
He's my stinky friend and CrocoDILE Dundee.

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  • Ohnie...

    Thanks heaps !

    It is such an honor to have special blog on my own....

    A dear friend wrote it specially for me....

    Ohnie....mahal kita.....

  • LOL... I guess his 'stinkyness' is an acquired 'smell'. 

This reply was deleted.