A Piece of Love Left on an Empty Bench


This story was originally written and published last year by one of our very own, RATU. Edited and audio recorded by yours truly. Ratu is an amazing writer. I adore her works. I love reading them. This one is my most favorite of all her proses. Not just because it is well written but also because it is a very personal story.

(So Ratu, just so you know, this one is for you. I really miss our Skype conferences.  I miss the good ol' times of reading poems and stories together, singing and laughing with you and the rest of our stinky friends on Skype. Anyways, please keep writing, girl! I hope you always find the inspiration to put all your thoughts and feelings into words. I'll try to find time to edit few of your awesome blogs again next time. Cheers!)

To listen to the audio file, click here >>> A Piece of Love Left on an Empty Bench.

In silence,

I sat on a bench in an empty park.

 Cloudy sky, gloomy morning,

drizzle promising of a magical atmosphere.

Lonely feeling.

This is the same dull bench, same park, where we met each other on our first date -- I remember the smile in your eyes when we walked into this park. It was a great rendezvous. It was my idea to create an unusual date for you. I wanted to impress you. I wanted you to feel that I was different from all the other girls you have ever known in your life.

And here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, where we met each other on our first date -- contemplating on the purple twilight, staring at the color of the sky as it slowly changes, watching the darkening light, and again, feeling so lonely.

In your eyes, I was able to find everything I needed – love, passion, togetherness, freedom and happiness. Like a journey to the end of the rainbow, you were my fantasy world. In your dreamland, I was free.

And now, here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, where we met each other on our first date -- thinking of the moment when we were together, remembering the last time you said goodbye and flew to the heaven, I released my grip on you without any strength.

Sadly, I have to go back to my real world, where I miss your eyes the most. Sometimes, life throws us into the most tempting situation where we never wanted to be, and it’s irresistible. Reality gives us the most complex emotion that we never wanted to feel, and it’s unbearable.

And again, now, here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, where we met each other on our first date -- the park is still the same, the bench is still there, but everything else has changed - there is no one beside me, no smile like an angel, no more journey to the end of the rainbow.

All of our beautiful memories together are now kept in my heart.

And on that dull bench we left our love.

Now, I'm walking through the park, away from the dull bench, parting from all of the bittersweet nostalgias, never looking back. Trying to keep a smile on my face, accepting my destiny, keeping my chin up. Wishing to find another park with another bench to share with, waiting for a new love to come.

And now, I left the dull bench behind. I will never forget you but I have to free myself from the past and move on with my life.

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  • This is "Nostalgia" it always haunts!

  • Ohnie, I love you...

    the way you are reading this story so amazing...this is the first time I feel I can write something so beautiful...its because you were reading this in an amazing way.

    Thank you is the only word I want to say to you Ohnie, for encourage me, for being there and always smile in my horrible nights, 

    I missed our skype convo too, sharing bitter sweet days that Ive been trough hahahaha Crazy times, I was awake whole night cuz of our diff time...

    I love you Ohnie, not only because you did this beautiful cretion, but for everything, for friendship and trust...

    aaaaah you make me cry......

  • Hi Ohnie!  Just to say that Ratu must be proud because you did justice to her poetry with your beautiful rendition!  Nice voice and articulation! :)

  • Her writing is superb and your rendition of the story is beautiful.

  • Thank you for sharing with us that beautiful words Ratu!
  • its beautiful

  • Thank you, guys!
  • A magnificent piece of art....

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