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Good morning. Dear English Club members. Start the day with good intention, thinking positive, thinking atleast a good deed to save the environment, bearing love for yourself, families and friends, neighbours and others over all for all the mankinds. Think a little, if every person does a good job a day, the world will get more than 700 milions good deeds. If every person abstains from a work harmful for the environment, the world will get releaf of more than 700 milions harmful things a day.

Dear comrades, if we focus our thought to the betterment of mankind, if we encourage ourselves and others to think and work for environment, It is not impossible to leave a better world for our forecoming generations. If we fail to do that we will be irresponsible, blaimed by them.

So , dear English Club members, let us do something good for the mankind, for the nature, for the world and for the future generations of us in the midst of developping our language skills.

Humans should be Human

Humans should be human not merely animal. They must bear the virtue of ethics, morality, humanity. But now a days it is a common feature that if you turn on your radio, TV or open  news paper,your net, you will hear/see that humans are killing…

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Power of Association-2

First of all, you should have a desire to be associated. You require to choose persons having similar attitude regarding goal of association. Exchanging views with each other. Try to understand each other as best as you can. Suppose, you are…

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Association is Power

A single stick is weaker than a bundle of that. What a person individually cannot do, a group can, what a group cannot doa , a society can. It is assocoation that multiplies the power of single unit manifold. Assocoation may be of different…

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Social Communication

Science has given the tool of power;i,e social communication network by which a person can comunicate with another person living hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. By this way, humans of different places can come closer, think united, plan…

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Covid 19 pandemic is not only killing humans but also it is killing the social life system…
Jul 9
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"How are you, ENIE NACUA?
The world is facing a trimendous endemic COVID19. More than five lakh…"
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Humans should be human not merely animal. They must bear the virtue of ethics, morality, humanity.…
Jul 9, 2019

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