Dad, will I never go to school?

Dad, will I never go to theatre again?

Dad, will I never go to play with my playmates?

Dad, will I never go to markets?

The above questions are of my son who is a level three student.

 Can you realize the pain hidden in these questions? Can you stay normal to these questions! 

 Everyone is somehow victimized by COVID. From children to old aged people, beggars to the richest, ordinary people to royals, vagabond to working people, women or man, adolescent or young, nobody could escape from the grasp of COVID. Someone suffered physically, someone financially and economically, someone psychologically and mentally, someone educationally. But the mental sufferings of the children are terrible.  Forced isolation living, quarantine living, living without schools, living without playmates, living without relatives’ lures to be asocial, think asocial, and be asocial. 

Like an atomic bomb, the Covid as immediate and aftermath havoc to human living, humane attitude, human thinking, and behavior and the most vulnerable are the children. So are the future generations.

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  • Hi, Md. Mafijul Islam 

    Honestly speaking I am of the same mind on the question. It feels like being characters of a movie about pandemics. But...this is our came to live with us...or to teach us how to live with it. kill us. What can we do about it now? Just live your life. It always could be worst (if you have ever read any fantastic book you will understand me). So....just cheer up. Today we are good....let's wait for what tomorrow will bring to us.

    Best wishes )))

  •         No one can deny the deep effects of COVID on our small life’s details. However, there is always a beam of hope which tells us that: it is just temporarily . We must increase its flame (the hope) in our souls and in our children’s souls as well. There is always light after darkness. God bless you.

  • Hi, I know that the Covid -19 is difficult to face up, but children are those who are too much worried. I discovered that in a Youtube chain, there's a lot to learn English. Covid-19 will never last too much time, in fact, all the vaccines we have in our hands could defeat it and we have to believe in scientific research for something that could also be very important. I have known a lot of people here in Italy that at first sight, they weren't too much optimistic about the vaccines, but after some time, they changed their minds, and now they're freer to spend some free time with having done it. Please could you tell to your child that this situation will never last too long and sooner or later he could also be able to go again to school, theatres, to markets and overall he could also have the probability to play with his playmates? It's your responsibility to show him that it's a temporary situation and that once for all we have to believe in a better world in relation to this disease... I wish only the best for all of you and your children will appreciate it a lot..... See you soon here on EnglishClub!!! this is the link on the above-mentioned Youtube chain to learn English.

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    • Thank you for your realization and approaches of cooperation.


  • A lot of things have changed by the Covid-19. But the worry still beats the good side.

    I hope these all soon subside.

    • Thank you Onee for your optimistic reply. We also hope and wait for the good days to come.

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