Association is Power

A single stick is weaker than a bundle of that. What a person individually cannot do, a group can, what a group cannot doa , a society can. It is assocoation that multiplies the power of single unit manifold. Assocoation may be of different aspects:

a) Association of haman to hman.

b) Association of humans to other things.

Association of haman to hman: Human makes group, society etc. By such association, humans achived a lot to present the future generation a betterworld. 

Association of humans to other things: Association of a man or woman to more aspects of knowledge makes him or her more knowlegable. For instance, a person who can understand and speak in many languages bears more importance than a person who can speak only his native language.

A person who can associate himself with ethics, morality, humanity, cherity, politics a admistration obviously bears  more strength than a person who can associate himself only with admistration or any other else.

However, to enrich oneself, every one should be assocoiated with persons of similar mentality. The should learn different lanuage to understand persons of other languages,to know life style and living pattern of other community. 



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  • Thanks, Nadira.

    I am please to be informed that you have enjoyed reading.

    Thank you further.

  • Enjoyed reading your blog and very much true. 

    Knowledge indeed is power....

  • Thanks a lot for your comments. It is natural that practising moral issues face challenges. But going ahead with the issue is obviously a step to strengthening those who bear the positive attitude of being associated. And once associated, they will be able to debar all odds and contadictions.

  • Good moral thoughts subject if implemented in practical.  But I am seeing it on complete contradictory in the world.

  • Thought provoking blog!

    I am completely lost in your blog I really feel power by associating with you and your writing :). What a connection of association to power I like it

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