There is no parent who do not deserve that their son or daughter will be the best person in the society. But most of the parents are doing harm to their children without having knowledge of proper parentile style that is helpful for the growth of their children. There are some parents who are used to practise authoritarian  parenting style. But this style of parenting dishearts the children to develop their confidence-level and self-esteem. An uninvolved parenting also has a negative influence on chlld developmet. In most of cases, children of this type of parenting develops behavioral problem.  

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  •             As a parent I would like to get into the point directly, to have a healthy children we need to make a good connections with them. These connections must be based on love, respect and trust.  God bless you.

  • Excellent. You espouse the bouncing ball theory.

  • I like the Mowgli Parenting Style, letting your kids being raised by animals in the wild.

    Animals know better how to deal with these little monsters...



  • So, what is the proper parenting style according to you, Sir? :)

    I believe parents should learn and do their best, whatever the results..

    Thank you for starting the discussion.

    • Thank you for your comments. I belive parenting should be inclusive rather uninvolved, supportive rather authoritarian. Parents should follow the rule: Say yes to children. Parent should not command their children in the mannure that : you must do it as I ordered you to do. Rather S/he should say : if you do this job, it will provoke such result and if you not do that it will have such negetive effect. Parents should take corrective measure for their kids not punitive measure. Forceful stopping of any deed is not helpful for kids to abstain himself from it. If they are discouraged to any job and explined its negative impact, they will refrain themselves from doing it by their own.  

    • Sounds like a good start... now let me hear what your children got to say about your parenting style... ;)


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