Social Communication

Science has given the tool of power;i,e social communication network by which a person can comunicate with another person living hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. By this way, humans of different places can come closer, think united, plan for good deeds jointly, revolt against violence and terrorism from one platform, extend all hands for the vulnerable persons, groups, provides a collective efforts for the humaniterian aid.

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  • Thanks for your valuable comments.

  • The problem is that new generation is suddenly entered  this Global world through social media without being academically trained. Therefore, the first generation of this global village could not make the best of it. They instead of understanding the differences wasted their time in imposing the differences.

    Good writing

  • I would rather say that because of this facility we have become a global village, turned into a single unit of one family.

    But  do we actually thing so, there are so many controversries (just or unjust), and for this we are seeing destruction everywhere.  Weaker are supressed by the supressors. 

  • Oi there,  dear Islam

      It seems you have a major problem with numerical evaluation of quantity. In one of your blogs you were kind to mention that more than 700 million people live in our grossly polluted planet while only China has about double amount of inhabitants. In this blog you claim that the earthlings live "hundreds of thousand of kilometers way" from each other while the circumpherence of this rapidly decaying globe is roughly only about half of a hundred thousand kilometers. 

       So, dear Islam, next time you feel the urge to give any given amount in numerical symbols, please hold ur numerical horses! ;)

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