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  • Thank you, dear Molemane, for your words. That is so kind of you. 

    It is my pleasure to be in touch with people like you.

    Best regards! 

  • Thank you, dear Molemane,
    for your friendship request.


  • Dear Mole, thanks for pressing the like button on that blog, Fingers. 

  • Asante sana Molemane! It's a habit during Eid time. The neighbors give some of their meat to each other for the sake of (thawab) and to taste their sheep too. If I tell you, you won't believe me. We are still eating from that sheep. The problem is the amount fat in it. Thanks, Mole.

  • Happy Eid to Molemane! My dear friend, we are eating meat like we have never eaten it before. Even our neighbors brought us more meat. Thank you.

  • asante sana Molemane! Can you visit my page again and see Internet Marriage and give us your point of view? Thanks!

  • Vipi Molemane, thanks for pressing the like button!
  • Vipi Molemane, asante sana! I am still waiting for your point of view about  the  blog, supplication of distress. Thanks, Mole.

  • Dear Molemane,

    I though we already friends, lol xD but I am glad you send me an invitation, now I have you on my friend list. So, if you find any difficulty or have question about novel or anything, just ask me, I would help as long as I can. I also have few soft copies of novel to learn English or just to have fun. Feel free to tell me what you need, Ok?!

    Good day!!!

  • Hello Molemane!

    hope my message find you in good health and happiness.

    I remember send you link to a novel, have you finished read that?

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