Humans should be Human

Humans should be human not merely animal. They must bear the virtue of ethics, morality, humanity. But now a days it is a common feature that if you turn on your radio, TV or open  news paper,your net, you will hear/see that humans are killing humans, humans are taking mischeavous deeds, humans are teasing humans, men are rapping women and children, rulers are driving inhavitants of the country away, violence are occuring in the name of religion, human rights are robbed, abused in the name of maintening humanity.    

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  • Donnobad Md mafijul Islam! If we behave like humans, nothing will happen to our environments. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for sharing. 

  • Oi there, floks

       Dear Islam, you should tell all this to the wrong doers, no need to rub salt into our wounds.

  • @Md. Mafijul Islam

    Yes you are very much right.  It is happening everywhere in the world in one way or the other.  It seem that the humanity has/is died/dying.  A very shaking condition.  May God give us wisdom to spread peace, love and humanity.

    Md. Mafijul Islam
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