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Profile Information

Learner of English
English level
Other languages spoken
Skype user?
Favourite book, movie, song/band etc [in English!]
Matchbox 20, OneRepublic.
I love reading especially mysteries and thrillers. I have many favourite authors such as Jo Nesbo, Stieg Larson, Allison Brennan and many more.
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
"I raise up my voice -- not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard." - Malala Yousafzai
Truth is better than the sweetest lies

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wiser, so I'm changing myself - Rumi

MyEC taught me to love writing. It's the greatest gift ever given to me. Thank you MyEC.

When opportunity knocks, open the door

If regrets were pennies, I will be a millionaire

There's no beauty without imperfection. There's no life without death. There's no health without disease

We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves. - Angelina Jolie (Actress, humanitarian)

To be the best you definitely have to have some God-given talents, but you also have to have the drive and the will and the dedication - Sonny Bill Williams (Rugby Player)

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. – Dalai Lama

Don't waste your words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful you can say is nothing at all - Mandy Hale

I don't see the point in measuring life in terms of time anymore. I'd rather measure life in terms of making a difference - Stephen-Sutton

Besides reading, I am learning to write, and found that I love it, though I must admit that  I am not a prolific blogger. My blogs so far:-

Random Topics:-

1. The Infamous Durian - King of Fruits; 2. Writing Bug; 3. My Childhood Games; 4. Only In Malaysia; 5. Festivals In Malaysia; 6. My Traumatic Cat Experience; 7. Old Wives' Tales; 8. How To Know Your Diabetes Level; 9. A Malay Wedding - Part 1 : The Engagement; 10. A Malay Wedding - Part 2 : The Wedding; 11. Malala - A Remarkable Young Lady; 12. Rules For Being Human; 13. Amazing Places In Malaysia - Part I; 14. Amazing Places In Malaysia - Part II; 15. Remembering MH370; 16. Mermaid Doesn't Exist, But Whale Does; 17. Life Lesson From A Joke; 18. The Wonderful World Of Backyard Critters - Part I; 19. The Wonderful World Of Backyard Critters - Part II; 20. The Wonderful World Of Backyard Critters - Part III; 21. Remembering MH17; 22. Welcome Back Home; 23. You Know You've Met A Malaysian When ...; 24. When You Are Old by W.B. Yeats; 25. My New Obsession, 26. After All Said And Done

Formula One Experiences:-

1. Working With Formula One; 2. My Formula One Diary; 3. My Formula One Diary - Day Two; 4. My Formula One Diary - Day Three; 5.My Formula One Diary - Race Day;

Short Stories:-

1. How I Wish 2. Life Puzzles - Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; Chapter 7; Chapter 8Chapter 9 3. Amidst Beautiful Bukhara 

My Traveling Experiences:-

1. Kathmandu - The Hidden Valley of Himalaya; 2. My European Adventure; 3. The Kinabalu Mountain - My Crazy and Outrageous Journey; 4. My Jakarta Holidays; 5. My Perth Diary : Day One - 29th Dec 2013; 6. My Perth Diary : Day Two - 30th Dec 2013; 7. My Perth Diary : Day Three - 31st Dec 2013; 8. My Perth Diary : Day Four - 1st Jan 2014; 9. My Perth Diary : Day Five - 2nd Jan 2014; 10. My Perth Diary : Final Day 3rd and 4th Jan 2014; 11. Northern Adventure - Day One; 12. Northern Adventure - Day Two; 13. Northern Adventure - Day Three and Four; 14. Northern Adventure - Finale; 15. Sandakan - The Gateway To Nature; 16. Labuan - The Pearl Of Borneo;  17. My Bangkok Excursion - Day 1;  18; My Bangkok Excursion - Day 2

Writing Challenge:-

1. Finish My Sentence; 2. Practising English Online; 3. Pretty Paragraphs; 4. My Bookprint; 5. I have A Dream; 6. From The News Archives; 7. Write 2 Connect; 8. Catchy Blog Titles; 9. Life Hacks; 10. Fathers; 11. Dinner Guest; 12. Land Of My Birth; 13. Two Old Chirping Birds; 14. Luci's Adventure To Pluto; 15. A Weathered Old Lady; 16. Against All Odds 

Based on Articles:-

1. Fun With English - Some Mistakes That Really Made A Big Blunder; 2. Moser Light - Is This A Solution For A Better World?; 3. The HALO Trust - Endless And Tireless Work Of Destroying The Landmines; 4. Agent Orange - The Devastation After Affect; 5. Will Our Friendship Last This Long?; 6. Seeking Flowers And Unicorns, Too; 7. In The Name Of Research; 8. Paul Smith - An Extra Ordinary Artist

Did You Know Series:-

1. Did You Know?;  2. Continuation;  3. Another Continuation;  4. Not Another Continuation!; 5. Gosh! Will It Never Ends?;  6. Oh No! Not Another One!;  7. Here Comes Another One;  8. Another One?;  9. One, Two, Eighty Six?; 10. Punishment? OMG!; 11. Is This A Swan Song?;  12 John Has It All?; 13. It's All In The Myth;  14. This Is Random;  15. It's A Dog's World;  16.  It's Also A Cat's World;  17. Is It A Mouse World Too?;  18. Dutch Flavour;  19. It's The Greek Flavour;  20. It's All Greek;  21. All That Gold; 22. It's A Horsey Year, 23. It's All Red; 24. People Are Yummy; 25. What Day Is Today? 26. The Court Is Ours; 27. Curiosity Syndrome;


1. The Legend of Mahsuri; 2. The Story of A Mousedeer And A Crocodile; 3. The Story of How A Python Lost Its Venom; 4. The Story of A Cat And A Tiger; 5. The Story of A Mousedeer And A Tiger; 6. The Story of A Crow And A Peacock; 7. The Legend Of The Princess Of Ledang Mountain - Part 1; 8. The Legend Of The Princess of Ledang Mountain - Part 2; 9. The Magic Cave


1. My Virtual Friends - My Journey With ESL/EC; 2. Rin Tin Tin - My English Hero; 3. Virtual World, Virtual Friends; 4. Smile - It's A Wonderful World; 5. My Milestone; 6. September #2 : Must Eat Dishes; 7. Wake Up Soon, My Dear; 8. A Tribute To A Grand Daughter; 9. Rambling Of An Old Lady; 10. Melancholy Of Ancient Cat; 11. I Am 100; 12. The Day I Met Grape; 13. I Feel Cheated 


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At 23:13 on February 1, 2016, Onee-chan said…

Dear Noaslpls,

Many thanks for your info. Yes, I will get the treatment by the time I meet the expert and time, soon. I think it is needed though now I'm better.

Thanks for your wishes. Good luck for you, too. :)

At 19:09 on January 30, 2016, MARY said…

noaslpls, why don't you borrow your laptop to Ninos anymore?
Did he eat more keys from the keyboard? :(

At 3:54 on January 29, 2016, DIMI said…

Thanks Auntie Kitty 


At 15:11 on January 24, 2016, Onee-chan said…
Dear Noaslpls,

It seems I should follow you, to have a cupping treatment, too. BUT, let me ask you first...(I have few people to interview about this.:D)

I want to know how does it feel? Actually I'm afraid of such treatment. But, my headache after my Hepatitis A seems to disturb me a lot whenever I get even a little sick.

Thank you dearest neighbor. Happy Sunday! :)
At 2:13 on January 12, 2016, aunglinwai said…
My dearest friend,

Add as Friend 6 18

Jakarta, Indonesia
Profile Information:

Learner of English
English level
Other languages spoken
Skype user?
Favourite book, movie, song/band etc [in English!]
Chicken Soup, motivation books
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
Grateful for everything in my life
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Amin Saeedi
good to see you have hijab
it's seems you are muslim
i'm muslim too
if you want to know about hussain ibn ali come to this discussion
or visit
hussain is the grandson of muhammad(prophet of islam)
Jan 2

Hello Icha
Just to say...

...congratulations many, many times for being a star member. Have a nice day.
Jan 4

Hello Icha,,
How are you there... You said you were from Malang, but you live in Jakarta. Are you working there? Wow! To live in Jakarta is very tough. Hope you can enjoy a lot there.
If there any chances, I hope we can meet in Surabaya. ^^
on Sunday
6 members like this
At 3:05 on January 11, 2016, Onee-chan said…

My dearest neighbor, noaslpls.

How are you doing these days? I hope you're pretty good. Glad to see you back! ^^

At 5:47 on December 31, 2015, ELF Noor said…

HaPpy New YEAR to You..

May YOu live LONG and have many More happiness.. :)

At 17:42 on December 30, 2015, Elen said…

At 2:55 on December 26, 2015, Alice E. said…

Thanks a whole lot for making my life a bit more!

At 18:57 on December 19, 2015,
Anah Sid ©


At 14:51 on December 10, 2015, Icha said…

Hi Noaslpls my new friend in myEC..thank you very much for the gift,  it is very nice. :)

Hopefully we can be a good friend here..

At 16:08 on December 9, 2015, Evangelina said…

Hello Noa

Just to say, thank you so, for the nice, nice, nicely reply at your blog - actually I should thank Ninos, thank you Ninos :-)))

I want to say this: I really likes you as friend here as well, proud to have such a lovely friend here. Sometimes in the virtual world it is just like that, to only know people through their writings...and I have known ever since i read one of your blogs, that you are a beautiful person, with just as beautiful and kind heart. I appreciate such abilities highly.

:-))) So we just be absolutely calm, cool and comfortable about this, just that.

At 3:32 on November 28, 2015, Alice E. said…

Just thought I would disturb a good cat friend...:)

At 21:33 on November 20, 2015, MARY said…


At 9:33 on November 18, 2015, Bala from India said…

Lady Cat..... I too miss u so much... Missing all your mind blowing blogs and fun packed comments dear..... 

At 10:47 on November 13, 2015, Elen said…

Yes, he understands the danger and he knows how to avoid it. By sleeping more. LOL. You see? He is a big cat, not a little kitty anymore. :)) But yes! You should be careful about him and his weight :)

At 19:43 on November 12, 2015, Elen said…
Dear Noaslpls, I would like to talk to you about Ninos. He is such a sweet cat and i understand your love and your worry you have about him but sometimes your worry is overdose. I talked with him in his blog and except his adventures, he shared his thoughts also. He feels a little pressed from your so much protection. You are responisble for him but sometimes you worry without reason. I think he is a big cat and not a baby anymore and he can protect hiself if something happen. You should stop being so neurus as he said and relax a little. Leave him a little free and you will understand how mature he is. He loves you very much. He pleased me to talk to you. I hope not to get angry with him. And with me also. :D :D
At 7:39 on November 7, 2015, Elen said…

Hello, it's Caturday! Happy Caturday :)

At 0:32 on November 1, 2015, Onee-chan said…

At 17:13 on October 30, 2015, ELF Noor said…

Dear  noaslpls :Congrats For being a Star member..

God bless you..!!!


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