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Josef Essberger
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Innocent until proven guilty?

Started this discussion. Last reply by May in the kitchen Jun 23, 2015. 15 Replies


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Josef Essberger commented on Josef Essberger's blog post MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks
"Thank you Onee: I will take your questions up with Ning :)"
16 hours ago
Onee-chan commented on Josef Essberger's blog post MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks
"Dear Sir Josef, First of all, thank you so much for the display of Latest Activity. :)) For the feature of moderating blog. NO. It's no about who can comments. The feature... When someone adds a comment on my blog..*Publish it immediately*Wait…"

Josef Essberger commented on Josef Essberger's blog post MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks
"Thanks to Everyone for your feedback. There were lots of comments and they are all appreciated. I will condense them into a note for Ning containing: Perceived Reasons for Success Requests for Further Features Thanks you all again!"

Expector Smith commented on Josef Essberger's blog post MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks
"Great! I'm glad you all have responded to the questions. You bet Josef will contact the Ning for improvement - your advice or suggestions will help make MyEC perfect or flawless, not just successful! It is all of you who have helped make…"
Onee-chan commented on Josef Essberger's blog post MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks
"Mary, I agree with you. I like to see the previous Latest Activity where we can see a few details of people's comments. "

Josef Essberger liked Mr. Bob's photo

Josef Essberger left a comment for Mr. Bob
"Hi Bob: Regarding your comments about the mobile version, I do agree with everything you say and will certainly be conveying this all to Ning quite soon. Thanks again for your input. J"
Adaline Bala left a comment for Josef Essberger
"Have a wonderful weekend dear Mr. Josef! Take care!"

Profile Information

Teacher of English, Native English Speaker
English level
Other languages spoken
French, Thai
Skype user?
Favourite book, movie, song/band etc [in English!]
Book: Concise Oxford Dictionary, 7 Pillars of Wisdom
Films: Frantic, Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago
Author: Naom Chomsky
Poet: Wilfred Owen, Shakespeare
Sport: weights, swimming, squash
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
"We are not wholly bad or good,
Who live our lives under Milk Wood."
Dylan Thomas

"When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom." Confucius

"To be uncertain is uncomfortable; but to be certain is ridiculous." Goethe

"The causes of events are always more important than the events themselves." Cicero

"You must come again when you have less time." Walter Sickert to Denton Welch

Blair War Crimes Foundation

Libya and Lies

Libya: Deeper Into The Mire

War Is A Racket
This article/speech from 1933 explains the truth about wars and how a few people always become very, very rich from the deliberate and unnecessary suffering of millions. It is by a former general in the US Army.

Shame on us for pulverizing Libya
The war may have started with good intentions, but now we're just wrecking the place

"A man who can speak two languages is worth two men." Napoleon Hill

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” – B. Olatunji

Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s Death
"We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic."

Strange Way to Protect Civilians: Depleted Uranium & Libya

Libya: A pig in a poke?

Stop imperialist war on Libya

A film about Libya's resistance to colonialism

Who's a War Criminal Now?

There's No Business Like War Business

US Army Apologizes for the "Kill Team"

Nothing moral about Nato aggression in Libya

Libya, Hypocrisy and Betrayal by the United Nations

U.S. Love Affair with Murderous Dictators and Hate for Democracy

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At 0:03 on June 24, 2017, Adaline Bala said…

Have a wonderful weekend dear Mr. Josef! Take care!

At 20:41 on June 16, 2017, Adaline Bala said…

Dear Mr. Josef, Wish you a very happy weekend! Take care!

At 0:04 on June 14, 2017, Mr. Bob said…

Hello Josef,

I was pleased to read about Ning's compliments for our social network. The site itself is great in my opinion. Where we do have room for improvement is in the Ning Platform features and the only ones I can really comment on are those for the mobile version.
I am now limited to using the mobile version only and it has taken much of the fun out of it. I spoke to you and directly to Ning nearly two years ago about the problem of colors and contrast, especially relating to this little text box I am now typing in. It is very difficult to see on a phone because the background is a pale yellow and the font is very light and thin. So far, they have not been willing to change this. I am sure it is hurting all their groups as far as active membership, since more and more consumers are leaving their computers in favor of mobile devices. The sites and services where we see real growth are those where mobile access is made easy.

For mobile users it is necessary to have a good contrast between the background and the font as they input text. I don't type that well on a touchscreen and the phone will sometimes change a word by Autocorrect. Since I can't see my input I can't tell if there are errors. As a teacher and writer this is too frustrating. I have only six lines of text in this window and if I do go back to edit I only see a small portion of what I've written.

Not only that, this window will also lock up, so that when I try to scroll up and down the entire screen moves rather than the text in the window... It just happened and this little bit of writing has become a very big bother. I have cleaned up what I could but there will be mistakes in this. So let me say that the only issues I have are with the Ning Platform and their lack of accommodation for smart phone users.

If you do programming you know that the emphasis for the past few years is to make sitesmobile phone friendly. Ning has given lipservice to this by creating a shoddy mobile interface which they are reluctant to improve or replace. I've talked with them and once even considered using them to host one of my political groups. They haven't committed the resources to innovate or even borrow good ideas from other platforms. In my opinion they aren't interested and won't be until they hear repeatedly from larger customers like you.

You may not realize how many dedicated members slowly slip away as they become more dependent on using mobile devices. My understanding from Ning is that this isn't a pressing issue to them. You and groups like this are the ones who are hurt. This is still a problem and their vague promises to look into it have come to naught. A good programmer could have dealt with this issue of color contrast and input window size in short order. I hope you can lean on them because they Are Hurting Your Social Network. Good luck on this.

I now spend my days as a mobile net user, traveling to five schools by train and then teaching until the return trip. My MacBook is completely dead and I am a mobile user who can do things on the train as long as it is something I can do on my phone. If I had a new computer I would still have limited time at home since I spend so many hours commuting.

You should do a poll and see how many users blog from phones as opposed to computers. Do the same about reading posts and comments. You will see that your CURRENT user base is very computer rich compared to the average social media site and very lean toward mobile users. This group is missing out on many new users who give up on the clunky mobile interface. Additionally we have lost many long time users as they shift their internet to a more mobile lifestyle. It isn't just a trend that will go away either. Ning is lacking on several fronts and I've only elaborated on the one that has been the biggest thorn in my side. OK, rant over. Good luck with getting Ning to improve and congratulations on being one of their more successful networks.
At 0:03 on June 14, 2017, Mr. Bob said…
Good, I see that I can comment here so I will give the feedback you requested. This comment window is bigger than the one for four post. Interesting. It is still almost impossible to read on my phone.
At 0:01 on June 14, 2017, Mr. Bob said…
Hi Josef.
I tried to comment on your post with the mobile version. It is terrible. It never would add comment. The mobile version is almost worthless and has cost us many members.

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