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song: "I AM ALIVE" by Celine Dion,"put the blame on me by"Akon,and "part of me by"katty perry,"and " rolling in the deep" by Adele
movies "HIDE AND SEEK"/inside the deep blue sea, " the conjuring", and the grudge"
Novels:"pride and prejudice"by jane austen/"things fall apart" by chinua Achebe
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Just do it

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Hey "SMILE" it's gratis:)^^¨)welcome at my page

This 's what I believe in:




Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.
‒Sarah Caldwell

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Posted on July 5, 2012 at 10:22 9 Comments




THE 5 TH,July



I KNOW..................I'm NOT A RAINBOW

Posted on September 11, 2011 at 11:14 9 Comments

Hello friends,

I like to see rainbow, it’s so wonderful. It’s a mixture of beautiful colors. However , I can’t imagine myself wearing a dress of 7 colors

because if I do that I feel I’m a clown. Among these different colors…


Personality Game:)

Posted on August 31, 2011 at 18:27 5 Comments

Hello friend,

Today, I bring to you a game which I myself played to discover some characteristic that really I found in my personality. This game is simple,I wanna you just answer to the following questions , of course according to your point of view and PLZ feel free since these Questions don’t contains tricks. It’s better to write the answer that you chose in a peace of paper rather than in your comment.

Here are the questions, they ‘re grouped into three…



Posted on July 12, 2011 at 13:36 5 Comments

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At 12:57 on April 7, 2016,

Wow!! You will marry next month?


Truly happy for you!!

I want to let you know that I started working  since last November and I'm helping foreign students here.  I enjoy meeting those students and helping them as an event staff.

Take care and please keep in touch!!

At 10:22 on September 14, 2015, tHe uLtImAtE said…

Salam alikom Djegjiga

what a nice nickname :D sounds familiar for me but i dont know its meaning, what is it?

well saha ramdanek w sa7a 3idek sghir w sa7a 3idek kbir in advance coz i dont know if you still come to this website and me too i dont know if I am still coming to it or not I just pass by rarely.

about what I do and what i am busy with mmm maybe when i find u here online I can tell u that coz its secret :p

have  good day djegjiga lol keep me updated.

At 7:13 on July 17, 2015,

Hello Soria!

How have you been?

Did you get married?

I'm truly happy for you and wish you the very best for you and your husband :D

It's summer here in Japan.  My daughter will be busy until the end of this month for her club activities.  

Recently I'm dreaming about living in a tropical island and grow fruits and veggies in the future!
It would be so nice if I can make the dream come true :D

Please take care and keep in touch!

Congratulations on your wedding and new life with your partner!!


At 12:18 on July 1, 2015, AijaMarta said…

yeah long time :) glad to see you here again :) 

I'm doing fine :) I hope we can talk soon 

Have a wonderful day 

At 11:14 on May 25, 2015,

Hello!  Thank you very much for your message!  
I'm doing well and my family, too.  It's getting hotter here.

I started learning English and knit sewing last October.  I also work at neighbor community salon as a volunteer once a week since last year and have been exercising once a week for over 8 years now.

I enjoy seeing my friends from time to time.  We go sightseeing and have lunch together.

How is your life?  Do you still work as a teacher?  
So sorry that I didn't reply your former message soon.  
I really want to congratulate your marriage here.

I can see you are enjoying cooking a lot.  And I feel happy for you.  
I would love to hear your life over there more :)

Please keep in touch!!

Take care :)

At 0:16 on March 11, 2015, Masinissa (ⵎⴰⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⴰ) said…

Sorry for late reply. It is also my pleasure. I will explain to u everything next time. See y. 

At 12:24 on December 13, 2014, Reliance kh said…

Peace be upon you dear Soria,

 Really I had the same feeling to you and so miss to all our previous conversations together ...I'm so pleased for your engagment dear and you make that big movement in your life ...I ask Allah to find all your happiness always in your life as I asked it to me .

  For me , these days I must to hold exams for my students in my recently school and I was working in two jobs to make me as for rest from all jobs .I went in a journey to Aqaba and really intersted in it so much especially to be on the beach and walk there with my friends. So we try to find all beautiful chances and moments to live with others and friends .

  Be happy always and live each day and may Allah give all the happieness in this earth dear :) 

    Take Care for your health and keep in touch for your beautiful news and forget to write your bad ones hahahahah

           Love from Jordan to You 

            Your sis : Reliance KH <3

At 15:54 on November 28, 2014, tHe uLtImAtE said…

welcome back march in november :p

where have you been all that time ? I am sure you were not jobless thats why you disappear

so whats new about your life after uni?

last message was from AID sghir i guess, meme gateux w kmel :p

hope to see u soon

At 9:42 on November 2, 2014, pisces said…

hello MArch ! 
It is a longtime to be back  here !:) everything is new Iam sorry for late reponse ! everything was fine with me now, I got a normall job which I can save money to buy everthing that i want , but it do not a good job ! well,  passing the jobs , so how was your life ? are you busy ?  Its very nice when to know that you still remenber me ! what a beautifull day !

At 15:59 on October 31, 2014, bdshab said…

i'm so happy to read your comment and see your beauty page thank you

At 9:42am on October 31, 2014, bdshab gave djegjiga^-^ a gift
At 7:23 on October 28, 2014,


How have you been?  

Happy to hear that you work at the next door??  I think you are so lucky!  No need to commute with crowded train like we do in Japan!! 

I'm doing great, so does my daughter.

I'm enjoying nice Autumn climate by going hiking and trekking these days.  I feel so refreshed in the nature.

My daughter is busy after starting her senior high school life last April.  She belongs to the school's wind orchestra club and goes to school every day including weekends to practice.

My lemon tree was cracked by the heavy snow we had last February but still living.  I don't think I can get any fruits this winter unfortunately :(

Talk to you again soon I hope :D

Wishing you the best always!

At 9:44 on October 12, 2014, dara gino said…

Bisraha anti awal mun hanani be Iedul Adha Almubarak, fa shookrun laki ya March. thanks for your kind congratulation of Eid Ul adha. 

At 1:23pm on September 24, 2014, Omer Elshiekh gave djegjiga^-^ a gift
At 10:57 on September 20, 2014, dara gino said…

Pas de quoi March, Allah is merciful, kind and inshaa Allah, He will let you visit His house. I hope to be one of your friends. Merci!

At 2:12 on July 11, 2014, Dahome said…
Hi, my skype is dahome612
At 4:28 on July 7, 2014, Pitt Stevan said…

hay march !! how have you been ? its almost a year i didn't contact you. what do you do now ? give me some stories about you ...

At 14:19 on June 23, 2014, Reliance kh said…

Hello dear and how are u?

I miss u and its a long time without messages or comments to each others ..I hope everything is good with u.How is your job recently ?

Keep in touch always 

Friends for ever 

Greetings from Jordan and Have a blessed Ramadan 

Yours :Reliance KH

At 22:36 on January 31, 2014, tHe uLtImAtE said…

Good evening Soriiii
It's been long time didnt read from you and I am soo happy to see you here again .. my real name is reda ^^ write it down 100 times to not forget it :D   I am all doing great hamduallah , this time its bit cold here and sure by ur side too ... try to not get cold :p n dont play with snow alot
Iron woman means u work with iron everyday ?? thats hard job for sure :p

Im really glad to see ur messages from time to time , try to keep in touch more often ( though im not coming here alot like before ) just keep fighting n dont give up , you will win always ... Take care ofurself


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