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  • Kimon asi Saiful, I am indeed happy to be among your friends. Thanks again!

  • Kiya haal hai Saif, merhibani Saif for your kind feelings. You were lucky, you went to sleep. I couldn't sleep at all that night, maybe about those hours approaching dawn, I was able to take one or two. I hope to be one of your friends Saif!

  • Good for you Saif. I hope you do.

  • Hello Saif from Dhaka and native speaker of Bengali. I am happy to get your friend request and very pleased that you will be working to improve your English. We have a lot of Bengali speakers who are members and some of them go on to become very good in English.

    Let's begin with you writing a blog introducing yourself to everyone. Maybe something like, "Hello everyone, I'm Saif from Dhaka. I like Dhaka because ..."  Or maybe write about why you joined EC or how you like to look at trees or birds.  Anything is good and that way people can begin to know you.  :)

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