Sometimes,it happens that we love someone who is married,but we discover that after long time when relationship gets stronger day after day,so If you loved a married person,would you  you begin  to destroy his/her marriage by trying to convice her or him that his or her marriage was a mistake and it is time to recorrect this mistake just  to have him/her  or sacrifice your love just for his /her happiness?

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  • thanks  all for the comments

  • Controversial situation. I don't want to make any comment on this topic. Just want to know, if it happens with other people than what will you do? Will you criticize them or appreciate them?

  • If this is the situation, it is best to immediately leave the married one because he/she was not honest. The relationship was a fraud in the first place. It was based on a lie. The liar is not worth a love or sacrifice .
  • To destroy the marriage would be mean but if the second one (married) feels the same then u dont need to destroy anything ..this person will do it instead of u.. just she or he should be sure it is worth it to leave partner for sb else..
  • Who tells you that sacrifying your love she/he will be happier??
  • Be honest to people be responsible to yourself be strong to weak feelings be loyal to your partner be sincere to others. And be ready. If you fell all the up
  • It does not matter if  we are living a situation like that or not, we can learn from it and think about it. Fall in love with a married person, can not be a nice situation, but before our feelings or our desires, we have to think about the correct and the incorrect. Be in the midle of a relationship is like a get inside a house and steal everything while the owner is sleeping. The another person is not realizing about it and almost always the person whom is cheating is  lying about your real married situation and if we are in love, well, most of cases; there is nothing we can do. 

    As Mickey Said: I will leave. I will leave her because if she lied for being with me. I am sure that she will lie  for being with someone else later.

    • I have known people swearing they wouldn't do somethings and then... they were doing exactly those things...  Because of that, I say it is easy to talk when things aren't happening to us.   Holy Bible says: "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure." We are humans... maybe too weaks!!... God helps us to don't fall in love with a married one!!

  • I will leave. Leave him far away, and never see him again. Thus, forget him, the liar.

    I can accept a man who is single and much older than me rather than a young handsome man who is married.

    A liar doesn't deserve my love at all.

    Right now I am thinking like this...honest answer.

  • It is very easy to talk when things are not happening to us.  For that reason, i prefer don't say anything

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