Just for serious and active people - . If ur active, join us, if not please do not waste your and my time - this group will depend mainly on improving skills of listening and speaking.
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please read this before join us -----

hi everybody-- in this club will be like a family -- our first aim is talking english and also make good friendship -- if u want to talk english quickly try to benift from this club correctly-.
but before going to start i would like to tell u my brief story -- i surfed in mnay websites, to find my way to speak englsih--i met many people would like talk englsih , we bagan by adding as friends to talk together --but the main peoblem is many people just add friends and make a beautful comments--only-- even in this club-- this is wrong way -- so i creat this group not just for comments or writting some messages-- me and you togethr will succesd this group -- how? recent reaserch say if u want to speak qiukly u have to listen-- u have to practice with others-- so will together will add audio , story . i want u to have a skype -- to practice english --may be today u speak mistake but tomorrow will speak correctly--

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  • hello everybody. My name is Andrey, i am Russian. my goal of joining myenglishclub is to improove my language skills. i really want to speake in group via skype. pleas join me to the group . my skype is live:.cid.aa992aa4392291a6
  • Those who seriously want to SOLVE your PRONUNCIATION PROBLEM once and for all (also learn how to sound natural and fluent when you speak in English), please contact me on Skype. It will take you only ONE MONTH to achieve that goal. Upon completion, you will able to pronounce all the words listed in the dictionary accurately even without listening to any online / offline audio pronunciations at all. Isn't that what you've been trying to achieve all this while but to no avail? Now is the time to make it happen.

    My Skype ID ...: live:gabrielsowrian
    My Skype LINK: https://join.skype.com/invite/LyXcrWQzI1a1
  • Hi, everyone in this group Ihave goal and real motive to improve my English skill specially in spoken skill ,any one have the same goal and motivation to practice English conversation that will be great ,my ID skype:sadeq.alodini1.
  • Hello everybody Hisham is here. in short i want to improve my English especially speaking.
  • Hii i am new hear. i want to improve my english so i want daily conversation so in this easy way we can learn easily intrested people can msg me
  • Hey there, my name is Syaeful, but you can call me Sya. I'm from Indonesia. I just joined MyEnglishClub today in an effort to further improve my speaking skills. I'm currently looking for an English speaking partner who's also obsessed with learning English. Everyone is welcome, but I prefer someone from other countries to ensure that we only communicate in English and also due to my personal interest in learning new cultures. When it comes to proficiency level, I'd say I'm somewhere between C1-C2, so it'd be great if I can find a partner who's also at the same level or at least at an upper-intermediate level. So, if you're interested in giving it a go, please leave me a message. And sorry I cannot post my skype id here.
  • Hi i am new here and i solve my english speaking problem
  • Hi I'm new gere
    • Hey, there. I'm also a new member. Well, not really new because I joined MyEnglishClub like five years ago, but then I quit because of study commitments. Anyway, welcome to the gang and I hope you enjoy your time here.
  • hii please add me a group i want to speak english fluently my skye name is live:.cid.28cd9a5a067d5ca7
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