Dear fellow learners you are all welcome to the group Think in English Talk in English. The purpose of this group is to encourage all of you to get a fluency and commanding power in English. A non-native English speaker has a tendency that he or she normally thinks in their own Language and then translates into English. It is a wrong method and it takes double duration rather than the original duration of Think and Talk in English. Here arises a problem that they have lack of spontaneity in English speaking and they stumble down due to grammar conscious on the construction of a sentence. To overcome this oral blockade one must practice to think only in English and talk with this same Language. Best wishes

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  • Hello there, i totally agree with the summary of this group purposes ,students who have been taught from translation have difficulties when they speak. We should Think in English, try to live in it, we can make it as our favorite dishes we want it more and more again
  • Hello there, I want to learn English fluently.
  • Hello everyone, I have a big obstacle with grammar.
    I've been looking for grammar classification for weeks, then finally I found the answer for my grammar questions here.
    Though, I need a book to help me understanding the whole grammar (literally everything).
    Thank you.
  • Hi guys I want to learn all of the world languages (of course it is impossible), but firstly English :)
  • Hello, everyone am new here but l need someone to help me,l need to improve my English-speaking
  • Hi l want to improve my English who can help me?
  • I think this group may help in gaining fluency. Would the author very kindly help us how to get "easy control" on the "Thinking". Thanks.
  • Hi everyone, I'm a new member of this group. I join to the group to figure out how to think in English Talk in English
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Can you Speak English without Thinking...

Over the years, I have taught many classes I used a speaking and listening technique. I do not teach reading as well as writing. I introduce a new language by listening and all lessons consist of speaking and listening only. I teach grammar simply through situations with no reference to grammar rules at all.Thinking in a foreign language from an early stage helps students gain a level of fluency making very few errors in communication.I often find myself thinking in Polish and English, flying…

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Late and On time

Hello again everybody   Here is my question I want to ask you that Describe about how your people think about the people that always late for example, do you think that person is prestigious or successful? Please try to think and reply it to me. Thanks. May God bless all of you!Blessing,Darapheak Roth 

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