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Women's Day 2023

The woman is the main target in this equation in terms of rights, and gender equality. They are the other half that is necessary for life to go on. Give me a boy or a girl without the combination of man and woman!
Why the discrimination and complete i

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Who is the Winner?


Sudan has never experienced such a war before. Previously, demonstrations were raised for lack of petrol, flour, sugar, or other consumables. The different parties had different opinions about how to govern the country. They quarrel and the street i

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Eid during covid 19

Hello my friends, we have been busy with Ramadan. Today is the first day of Eidulfitr. Congratulations on the occasion. Visits, gatherings are prohibited. I am just wondering how are we going to spend the days of Eid with the lockdown, and the protec

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2024 expectations

The year twenty-twenty-four is crawling slowly. I do not want to be pessimistic. Regarding the current one (2023) is taking its last breaths, there were earthquakes in many parts of the world.

 The war in the Ukraine, the war in our country. We killed

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Sleeping more than eight hours a day is good for the health, or is it bad? Sleep is like death.  Our eyes are closed, our nervous system is inactive. Our muscles... even our consciousness is not available. It is comparable to death, or am I mistake

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The anger of nature

We are approaching the end of twenty-twenty-three, but nature seems angry. Look at the Hawaii volcano in Kilauea spurting or shooting lava fountains into the air. The earthquake in Morocco. And hurricane Daniel in Libya and other neighboring countrie

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10 days of Thulhijaah


Today is the thirday day of the first ten days of the holy month of Thulhijjah. Is it true that doing (Ibadah) worshipping on them is the best? On the other hand, Ramadan is the master of the months. It has ten last nights, and one of them equals mo

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Saint Valentine


Why do some people celebrate Valentine's Day? Why does it correspond to the fourteenth of February? Who is Saint Valentine and did he really sacrifice his life for love? We also heard that he was killed. Some stories said that he used to love and ma

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Onee Chan


We know people by meeting them during school times, at work, on a long flight trip, and on other occasions. Some people are known by their pens. We have never seen them before, but we know them from the way they write. We like them and respect them

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