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Sleeping more than eight hours a day is good for the health, or is it bad? Sleep is like death.  Our eyes are closed, our nervous system is inactive. Our muscles... even our consciousness is not available. It is comparable to death, or am I mistake

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Why do we wear glasses?


The idea came to me while watching Alan Nicole’s video. He was telling us about that city. He tried to put on his glasses. The process took some moments before he finally put them on.

High-rank officers, special investigators, detectives wear glasses

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It is just an evil dude. I used to like Dracula. When I watched that creation of Bram Stoker, the Irish writer. There was no real sleep for me for many days. I used to bring my bed close to my grandfather's bed. His wife's advice was to stop watching

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The debate about Pepsi is not new or old. What is the most distinguished about that drink? We have been using this drink for centuries. Does it really help to digest our food? Despite the most recent drinks, Pepsi is still number one with its unique

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The idea of the debate came to me while I was chatting with the distinguished lady, Bet. The subject is not new; it is about marrying more than one wife. God said, ((And if you fear to deal justly with orphan girls, you can marry a woman of your choi

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