Eid during covid 19

Hello my friends, we have been busy with Ramadan. Today is the first day of Eidulfitr. Congratulations on the occasion. Visits, gatherings are prohibited. I am just wondering how are we going to spend the days of Eid with the lockdown, and the protective procedure from covid 19?

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    • Guten tag Maximilian Hohenzollem, I hope to be one of your friends, thanks for liking the discussion.

  • yeah my friend Dara I passed this Eid abnormally. Also I felt with loneliness not as usual we meet each other and celebrating togather.
    Corona virus made me Mr lonely ^__^

    • Wa lakin ana ma bigitaksh hakkah! Happy Eid to Mr. Happy. Was it the nature of your work which made you lonely? Doctors, nurses, policemen, and other military or security people stay away from home for several days. They really feel lonely. Nevertheless, I hope this pandemic will be lifted from the world soon. Once again, happy Eid. 

    • thanks, I hope so in the near futur. 

      take care

    • Wa anta behal hal. Ana kanabgi aldarijah almahaliya. You are most welcome Mr. Happy. 

  • happy eid mubarak Mr. Dara. I can say this is the most unpleasant Eid moment in my entire life cause I don't go to anywhere either gathering with my big family. I'm just sitting at home and celebrate with my little family.

    • Selamat hari raya Idulfitri untuk Diah! Eid mubarak to the most respected lady, Diah. It is different from the other Eids. The lockdown, and the new circumstances of living or rather the new style of living during COVID nineteen. Please, extend my good wishes of Eid to your family. Thanks, Diah.  

  • Happy Eid for you Mr Dara , for your family , the Muslim community of MyEC and the entire Muslim nation.

    May Allah almighty accept from all of us the good deeds 

    • Eidkum mabruk ya Houssine! Ana alash kanabgik! Happy Eid to Mr. Houssine and his respected family. Please, extend my greetings of Eid to all your friends and relatives. Thanks. Houssine for your nice greetings of Idulfitr. 

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