Two years ago, the pandemic was a frightening experience. We could not go out unless we had a permit or some sort of legal document from our governments. Restaurants we closed, nightclubs, football matches, cinemas, you just have to see any area for the gathering of the public, it was banned. We were at our houses. The lockdown was horrible.

The global economy reached its lowest degrees. We were just looking for some medication, vaccine, or some sort of salvation. A roundup of the latest data about the Covid-19 pandemic from the news showed the decrease of the cases all over the world.  Now, coronavirus seems less fearful than before. Do you agree?   

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  • Corona virus is no longer fearful, because most people are vaccinated against the disease.

    • Halet chetore Saba, I agree with you. Now, we hear about a third dose. I wonder if we are going to meet another wave? I hope we are safe again. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  •    -- I don't agree with that, because people have already had an experince how to fight against virus.  The pandemic as Covid-19 pandemic had not showning up in human's life already approx. 50-70 years. Therefore people were so worry in the end of 2019. Among of people, who have never seen that type of pandemic before. So its not less fearfull these days, the same as before...  

  • Main nahi pata Mishaisk sahib! I hope we do not lose track. If we do, we won't reach our destination. Thanks, Mishaikh for your meaningful comment.

  • But we still on the same track which is taking us away from Allah.

    • Maaf ka Mishaikh janab, I hope we are back again. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • It is not frightening anymore.

    • Halet chetore Saba! No, it is not like before. Thanks, Saba for your comment. I am sorry for the late reply.

  • Coronavirus, like an any forms of flu - dangerous. It's indisputable. But I think, this pandemic has a some political hue. There are many other diseases that has a poorer statistic. The case, with this pandemic, showed us - how fragile we are in many ways.

    • Prvyet Max, spasibo! Indeed we are fragile, my dear good friend. I watched a movie about it fifteen years ago. I wonder if it is our own upbringing! Nevertheless, we have overcome the most difficult moments. Some countries even announced their victory over it. Thanks again, Max. I am sorry for the late reply. 

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