Two years ago, the pandemic was a frightening experience. We could not go out unless we had a permit or some sort of legal document from our governments. Restaurants we closed, nightclubs, football matches, cinemas, you just have to see any area for the gathering of the public, it was banned. We were at our houses. The lockdown was horrible.

The global economy reached its lowest degrees. We were just looking for some medication, vaccine, or some sort of salvation. A roundup of the latest data about the Covid-19 pandemic from the news showed the decrease of the cases all over the world.  Now, coronavirus seems less fearful than before. Do you agree?   

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  • It is less fearful because we got used to it after so much time. I think we need a couple of years or three to make it disappear from our everyday lives.


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    • Hi Dara, you are so nice always say grateful to everyone.  I can't say anything about your discussion, so far I agree with all of you mentioned on your short blog 

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  • No.The delta variant is magnitudes more contagious and the disinformation continues. Young children are now getting severe disease and even dying. There has been a steady increase in cases in the united states since the delta variant made its appearance. Hospitals all over the country are at or near capacity. Yes a large population has been vaccinated at least one time and it is now primarily a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but at the moment the end is not clearly insight. In the past few months I got in the habit of not wearing a mask indoors in public but now even though I was vaccinated twice in february I have returned to wearing a mask. Until the unvaccinated see the light the pandemic will not end. Yes there are some bright spots and I feel very comfortable where I live in new jersey but it is not over.

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