Who is the Winner?


Sudan has never experienced such a war before. Previously, demonstrations were raised for lack of petrol, flour, sugar, or other consumables. The different parties had different opinions about how to govern the country. They quarrel and the street is divided between supporters and opponents. Clashes were here and there but not as in this recent war.

Our people are fighting each other, killing each other. We do not know who is going to be the winner and who is going to be the loser. Some of our people are already leaving their homes to seek refuge in the suburbs or far-distant states or provinces. Our infrastructure is ruined, the airports, and the general command of the arm forces. As we know, war destroys everything. It eats the green and the dry.

Electricity is cut from many areas. Some hospitals ran out of service. We hope our generals reach a wise decision to avoid our people more shed of blood.

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  • God light the heart and conscience of Generals! 🙏

    • Espero que sim Josi, thanks for your kind wishes. I hope so also. Thanks again.

  • Hi Dara

    There is no winner in a war, because people hate wars and the leaders who organize them.

    • Halet chetore Saba? I agree with you. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • In such unrest hope you are safe and sound.

    • Salam Miashaikh janab. Aap ka kiya haal hain. Abi bahut mihna, main nahi deka tum. I hope you and your family are doing well. Please, extend my greetings of Ramadan and Eid to them. Alhamdulilah, I am safe but some of our relatives are injured. Thanks for your friendly feelings.

  • USA? Russia?

    • Hi Mr. Essberger. As you know, our country is said to be the global food basket. It is an old saying. Some people do not want that even from our own country itself. I wonder what they want! Thanks, my respected boss. 

  • Hi, Dara. I heard this civil war in Sudan on the news. Victims of war are always weak people such as children, women, patients and people who can't seek refuge. 

    It is normal that the different parties have different opinions. They must gain public support. They must be choosen by elections to govern their coutry,  not by war!!!

    • Arigato Tam. I agree with you. but some of our people do not believe in elections or what they call democracy.  By the way, the Japanese government wanted to evacuate their diplomats and other officials and other businessmen, and other Japanese people. Thanks for your kind feelings.

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