What are your expectations?

With its ups and downs, the diminishing crawl of twenty-twenty one is coming. New babies were born and other people left us. With its remaining sweetness or bitterness, it is just leaving, and twenty twenty-two is coming. Any suggestions that might lead us properly? Do you expect any changes in our way of living?

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  • Bahut bahut shukriya Mishaikh sahib. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  •  I think the most important thing is to hope for a better future right now and not to worry about something that cannot be undone.

    • Prvyet Augustina! I totally agree with you. We must hope for the better always. Thanks for your nice comment, and sorry for the late

  • Dara just try to follow the RIGHT PATH, as we are told and pray, EHDENAS SIRATAL MUSTAQEEM. (PLEASE LEAD US TO THE RIGHT PATH).

    • Bahut shukriya Mishaikh janab. Agar hum eyesa karega, koy be problem hain. Thanks for your straight answer. Sorry for the late reply and thanks.

  • no idea... i hope i will live well. 

    • Aku juga teman ku. Me likewise. I hope peace and tranquility will be all over the world. Am I hoping too much, Fizzy?

    • Terima kasih banyak Fizzy. Selamat tahun baru. Happy New Year.

  • 2022 might be the third part of 2020. Actually it is twenty twenty 'too'   

     So let's get ready for anything. 

    • Muchas gracias senior Estanis. I also thought so. It looks as if it is the copy of twenty-twenty. They look alike. We hope the new year will bring something good to us. Thanks for your nice comment.

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