Women's Day 2023

The woman is the main target in this equation in terms of rights, and gender equality. They are the other half that is necessary for life to go on. Give me a boy or a girl without the combination of man and woman!
Why the discrimination and complete inequality in gender? Is it important to celebrate women's Day? How does the woman feel on this day?

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  • Let's care more women's in this women's day❤🙌❤

    I'm Nzau talking from Angola 🇦🇴 And I'm Angolan

    I Love all of you ❤️ friends

    • Haha, merci beaucoup Nzau. Thanks for dropping in. Nice comment.

  • Let's honor women on Women's Day by thanking them for their altruistic contributions to our family life.

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  • As a woman, International Women's Day is a significant day for me, as it celebrates our achievements, highlights gender equality, and reminds us of the ongoing fight for women's rights and empowerment. 


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    • Cam on Thomas Franck. I really agree with each word you said. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • It's nice for Celebration I feel it be celebrated everyday through respect education and no discrimination 

    • Many many thanks, madam Nadira. Thanks for your nice feelings. 

  • Nowadays, women are given more opportunity to develop their talents and interests for example, in this 21st century we witness the promotion of woman in high political leadership such as in German (Angela Merkel), New Zealand (Jacinda Arden) and United States (Camilla Haris) and in the previous centary UK (the late Margareth Thacher).

    This means that woman' potential and capacity have been more widely recognized. However, at the level of household, we see that violence against woman in family is alarmingly on the rise. Appreciation to woman's contribution should be extended at family unit as well, not only at the national level. Husbands should recognize wives as their other halves who make their lives complete at work, home or society. Women is behind every great men's success through their relentless support. Let's celebrate Women's day by paying appreciation for their selfless sacrifice to our family life.

    • Terima kasih banyak Yeri. saya setuju dengan anda. Thanks for your fine and meaningful comment. It really shows that you are a really intelligent person. Consequentially, don't forget to extend my regards to your family and friends as well. Once again, thanks for being my friend and for the smart reply.    

    • Sama-sama Salah Gamma. Would you please give a comment on my blog about the smart use of our gadgets?

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