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Change yourself, change the world.

Well, the world is full of good and the world is full of bad. It is your eyes that see it one way or the other. Obviously the good is concealed and the bad is conspicuous, revealing what is hidden is the goal, for we are often too pessimistic about good in the world....agree?

Spreading good is always strenuous but the bad is easygoing... how unsatisfactory. Endeavor is needed to brighten the world but the darkness prevails by itself, it is just a matter of stopping the efforts to spread light, logical.....isn't it? Similarly, no striving for Illiteracy for you just need to halt the process of spreading knowledge. Cultivating the land is backbreaking, but just cease watering the land and the weeds start to grow automatically. So, it's the good that is demanding but the bad is effortless......justified?

For every inch of bad that fills this world none is responsible but we, keep reminding this to yourself that the bad is prevailing because I have done noting to spread the good. Besides, we are rather too cynical and judgmental about others, major cause of our frustrations. We seek pleasure in pointing at other's defects forgetting we are also full of one is perfect, Right? Keep this in mind that while pointing one finger at others our three fingers are pointing at us. Lord has given us two eyes; one is to see the goods in others and the other is to see our own flaws. Our aim should be to opt the goods that others have and to get rid of the bad that we possess...... easy?

If we try to look at the world in such ways then we will realize that this world is a far better place than our imaginations. Moreover, we will discover that nothing was as bad as our own inner dirt.

Let me put myself in the court first and ask myself; Have I played my hand in making this world a better place, full of goods? Do I ignore myself while pointing at other's flaws, Am I aware of mine? To perfect myself have I put an effort which is at least as equal to what I put in humiliating others for their flaws? Where do I think the bad is? Inside me or inside others?

         You can make this world a heaven or you can convert it into a living hell, all by yourself.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to opine.


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In the world that we are living, true happiness is what everyone is in search for. Mark my words, you won't find anyone more happier than a truly thankful, content person. Putting a full stop on what you have, not seeking for more will wipe away jealousy and will keep you out of the run of materialism. Not to blame humanity, Allah Almighty has put greed as an instinct in us to test us. To rein the horse of greed is all what is required. Besides, nothing can besiege the limits of human greed, for if given a valley of gold he will seek for an other and if given 2, he will desire for one more. The only thing that can end the hunger of human greed is dust. So being content and thankful to Allah Almighty with what you have, not comparing yourself to others and shrinking your desires are the richest blessings of this world. If you are blessed with the quality of being content, you are wealthier than most, for being content is a clown that seldom kings enjoy.

Let me end up with this beautiful saying "He is richest who is content with the least, for content is wealth of nature."

Are you content with what you have?

Note: One needs to be practical in ones thoughts for his/her theory to weigh, they say; an ounce of action is worth than a ton of theory. I said these lines just to remind this to myself first, for my ears are more close to my tongue.

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Are you also a Victim of studies?

Completion of studies was like fulfillment of desire,
but I am out of the frying pan into the fire.

Forget your joys more studies are ahead,
seems the wolf ain't gonna get easy bread.

It won't just be a soup of curies,
coming hurdles will add to your worries.

Struggle hard and watch how it goes ,
wait and see which way the wind blows.

If you are afraid then dig your grave,
they say luck favors the brave.

Don't just sit , no more cries ,
remember, a closed mouth catches no flies .

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A Plea ( Fictional )

Please don't leave me. I'm on my knees begging you..For me, your loss will be a irreparable and a irreplaceable one . I can't describe how I feel without you, NIGHTMARE, no its a very small word and it can not besiege the vastness of my sorrows. MURDER, no it does not hold a candle to my grief. HELL, no its just a poor synonym. I can't believe what has happened to you, I am not capable of dealing with this situation. I swear, I can't breath, my eyes are burning and my heart is torn apart. I would do anything to bring you back. Please listen, I am feeling so lonely without you and when I am alone I think , when I think I remember, when I remember I feel pain , when I feel pain I weep and when I weep I feel more lonely and the vicious cycle continues......So please don't leave I'm begging you like a slave begs for a favor ....This world will be like a  wilderness for me without you.

Will a plea like this make you change your decision?

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Ever had a funny moment in your life?

"In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" Even though Fun is not a common thing in a Doctor's life but yet I have come across many a moments in my professional life that have made me burst into laughters. Here are a few that are worth sharing with you all..

1) Patience is a virtue :

It was during my House Job in surgery, that day i was nearly drained by whole day hectic work and was about to end up taking a dirt nap when a patient's attendant came rushing to my office complaining his patient is having vomiting , i went to attend that patient, he was a post-operative patient of laparotomy. "Don't worry your pretty head about it , its a common thing post-operatively" i said and asked the nurse to inject an intravascular metoclopramide ( an anti-emetic ). I came back to my office, it was just a moment passed when the same attendant rushed " the patient is still having vomiting " thinking that this attendant is getting under my skin I attended him again and advised inj.Metoclopramide again. Only a precious few minute would have passed he came again with the similar complaints. I was like bear with a sore head this time and decided to go big. i asked the nurse to inject Domperidone ( a strong anti-emetic ) and at the same time i counseled the attendant that this time i have injected a strong drug and because its a centrally acting drug your patient will have a few vomiting after this injection ( Only Lord knows i said this just not to get disturbed again ). I only had a little slumber enjoyed may be half an hour that attendant came again and i was like OMG what's the matter now ? the reply was "Doc you said my patient will have a few vomitings after that strong injection , my patients hasn't had those few vomitings yet" ....... and i was like ufffffffffffffff yes you must have a patience of a saint.

2) Say something out loud

Once in the out patient department while i was examining an elderly, slightly deaf female patient I placed my stethoscope on her anterior chest wall. "Big breaths," I instructed. "Yes, they used to be," she remorsefully replied.

Hopefully you guys must have a few  moments of fun in your life too ( if not a lot ) and hopefully u will like to share them too.........

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what should be the title ?

I was watching a shark movie and it took me quite a while to find out the mystery behind the technique of their hunting , let me share that with you 

Two great white sharks were swimming in the ocean. They saw the survivors of a sunken ship,

" Follow me, son " father shark said, 

and they swam to the people.

" First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing " and they did.

" Well done son ! now we swim around them a few more times with all of our fins and teeth showing" and they did.

" Now its time to enjoy the feast " and they ate everybody.

When they were both finished gorging the son asked " Dad, why didn't we just eat them all straight off? why did we swim around them for half an hour? "

Father shark replied " because my son , they taste better without the shit inside " 

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Decision Making

well no discrimination at all but facts speak for themselves. Yeah different minds think differently, they say different strokes for different folks. Even though there may not be much of an educational difference but there is hell of a difference in thinking and decision makings among different peoples. let me tell u a joke to understand this, this does not apply only to the doctors but to the general population too :

once a general practitioner, a psychiatric, a physician and a surgeon went duck hunting. They saw some ducks flying.

GP tried 1st, he saw some birds flying. he took position and when the birds were close he said " i don't know whether these are ducks or not so i must have a senior consultation" and he missed.

Psychiatric went 2nd , took position , saw ducks coming and said " i know these are ducks but do they know that they are ducks " and he missed them too.

Physician took position , say many ducks flying he said " i am sure these are ducks but i should observe them for some time " so the ducks went safe.

Surgeon took position , he saw some birds flying.he opened fire and shot them and said " Now lets see whether these are ducks or not "

well, i think i don't i have to explain anymore and as far as i am concerned i am a Physician.

Now its your turn to tell; what do you think, how do you take decisions? Like a general practitioner, like a Psychiatrist , like a Physician or like a Surgeon?

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Living a Doctor's Life

well, every horse thinks his own pack heaviest, but without a doubt and not exagerating , a doctor leads the bussiest life among all. Yes, BUSY is a drug that most of the doctors are addicted to.

I was thinking of the saying " all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" and it really made me wonder why ain't the doctors dull...  :-)

Secondly, "You have been working like a dog", this makes me think is this idiom made for the doctors? but i have come to a point that this idiom is misnomer because i haven't seen a dog doing much most of the day except for sitting or panting..  No, its not about the doctors or if it is, it means something else :-) 

Seriously on paper, being a doctor seems pretty great. The money is good, it makes everyone around you feel inferior, and you get a diploma that literally gives you permission to play God, but its nothing like that, they say If having work-life balance is important to you, then don’t become a doctor.

Yes its the 20 years of carrying a huge burden of book to reach the destination only to find that there are more hardships awaiting, the joy of redemption is suppressed by the tough routine of a professional and a practicing doctor. Ask a doctor about fun and i bet most of them would have forgotten the meaning of this word :-)

Just a drop in the bucket are these lines to describe the life of a doc, I don't know how did i manage to borrow some time to write these few lines, "no matter how busy a person is , he is never too busy to talk about how busy he is", may be this is the reason :-) I miss my chats on EC but hopefully i will find some leisure soon.  

Do u know what lines u will listen quite often from a doctor?

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A Quiz

Guys its a fairly simple Quiz.

There nothing worthy to explain , just look at the Question and tell me how would u read those wordings, as simple is that.


example:          -----------                 =          i understand


But before starting the Quiz let me remind u

           "Honesty is the best policy"

Guys its just a QUIZ not a "do or die " situation, so i expect users to write their own answers without cheating or looking at anyone else's answers. Go on your own heart is your invigilator.(write down ur answers in the comments)

so here are the wordings

1)              --------

2)             --------

3)              /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/


4)             r    o  a d



5)                 cycle


6)               -------

7)          ----------

8)          ------------------
              feet feet feet
              feet feet feet

9)            he's   x   himself

10)                ecnalg


12)                  THINK


13)               abababababbaaaababababbb

i will come up wiyh the answers later

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EC Beasts and Hunters.


Once there was a Beast that lived in a jungle , he used to hunt his prey all day long and will return with his tummy full at night. His preys would include deer , ox, zebra."Nothing tastes as good as my diet" the beast would think.Time works wonders ; The Beast got fed up with his diet and decided to taste something different.Sitting in the ambush all day long, searching for something new, something more tasty , a poor unlucky human caught the sight of his sore eyes, a bit hesitant to hunt a human  for the 1st time, the beast gathered courage, attacked the human and tore him into pieces, ate his fleesh and sucked blood out of the chunks.

This was a total turn arround, "i hv been eating crap for years the real taste is in the human flesh and the human blood" the beast opined.They say; human blood once tasted becomes an addiction, same was the case , the beast incorporated human flesh into his usual diet and not surprisingly became a man-eater ultimately.Now the beast would hunt only humans the other preys would not even catch his interests.

Addiction! addiction! addiction! yes it drives u crazy and its difficult to understand addiction until u hv experienced it.Human flesh and blood became the addiction of the beast.

Bad time comes uninvited;one day while hunting a man , the beast got caught in a bunch of hunters, not difficult to guess what happened next, the hunters went crazy and drained the hell of of the beast.The beast ran around like a chicken and managed to escape somehow."I nearly would have died ,to hell with this human flesh and blood , life is precious." thought the beast.The problem now was the taste, the addiction and the habituation. it won't let the beast to sit on his hands."Lets go back to my previous diet" he tried hunting deer, ox, zebra but their blood and flesh would taste like a pill to him.

Clearly between the devil and the deep blue see, "MY LIFE" or "MY ADDICTION", he foolishly choosed addiction...The beast disguised as a donkey and started hunting humans whenever he  would get any chance.It made one of the hunters suspicious; "the beast is still around but he is in some different skin" that wise hunter thought. Struck by an idea ,The hunter designed an invisible cage and tied a sheep in the middle suspecting that as soon as the beast will attack the sheep , he will cut the ropes to catch the beast, but all in vain. The beast was not interested in a sheep anymore.

He tried with a deer but got no success in that either.All of a sudden he flirted with a mad idea "why don't i risk my own life to catch the best",The hunter stood a lil distance from th cage and made a few cuts on his hands to seek attention of the beast, There is no craziest thing in this world other then addiction,Smelling the hunter's blood the beast became mad and advanced to attack the hunter , very precisely the hunter cut the ropes and the beast was caught in the trap just according to the plans..."yes...i hv caught u finely, u thought u were smart , i am even smarter"said the Hunter. "My Bad, yes addiction can not be cured at once and i was not wise enough to read your mind" was the beast's reply.

Now the beast thinks why did the hunter risked his own life?
just to catch me or the hunter is also a mad addict?


The beast= an EC user

The deer, ox, zebra = chat rooms other then EC

EC = human flesh and blood (addiction)

the hunters= the EC users (spambusters, admins, reporters, etc..)

donkey= same user who after being banned,bullied or cheated, comes up with a new ID

wise hunter = EC user that discloses the disguise

i think u all are wise enough hunters to catch the beasts.....

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A Silent Good Bye.


                        No Friends , No Fun , No Life.


I have been thinking like a mountain about this problem for a long time ; "Why am I not been able to keep friends for long."

I don't know the reason but may be because i am a bit boring and also i am not so much of a good talker.

The worst thing of all for me are my memories "WOW , we have had a great time together" and it hurts me a lot because i feel more lonely then.

I must say : “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart” 

I would prefer walking in dark alone then to walk with a friend in light whom i am gonna lose in the future... believe me i'm not a pessimist..

Filled with grief for now i shall say goodbye but i plan on saying one or few things; sometimes I had so much to say but i couldn't say it and now I have nothing to say and it seems way shorter then counting to ten to say...

No matter how long it is before we meet again but for now my heart silently weeps and cries ...and the Mystery remains unsolved for me; Where is that "good" in the "Good Bye" ?

What do u think; is there any "good" in the "goodbye"?

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The Weird World

                                 "The Weird World" 


i have seen castles made out of sand,

met people who believe destiny is engraved on the palm of their hand.


I hv seen people change their faith,

experienced love change into hate.


I hv seen people grow younger with age,

and a bird who wouldn't fly out of an open cage.


I have seen love sold for money ,

people who are devastated inside but outside they are funny.


I have seen unicorn fall in love with the toad ,

people who owned half the city have now hit the road.


I have learned to expect the unexpected ,

perfection does not exist, we are all defected.


everyone cries some just hide their tears,

they say coal turns diamond over a thousand years.


some may believe that u are one in a million,

for others u are just anther nobody in a billion.



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i think the EC members came 1st then the idioms were made after them

Anyways lets start the proceedings ...


To be honest i was think of borrowing pearl's avatar for a few days (u know hiding my face) after writing my 1st blog but fortunately i never had to carry that burden because i hv realized that only the 1st hundred years are the hardest . hehe.

To began with, i would say i didn't hear it from a grapevine but i heard it straight from the horse's mouth that most of the users r complaining of not including them.

I think i have caught a tiger by his tail by writng my first blog but u know when the going gets tough the tough gets going. :-)

So here i am again to make a rule of thumb for the others .

They say; the idle hands are the devil's tool and an idle's mind is the devil's workshop , as i'm very much an idle these days (hehe, i'm on my vacations. My mother says that when u r on vacations, the hell seems to be on vacations too ) so i thought i should use my hands and mind to dig something deep.

well, Rome was not built in one day so i can't include all the user at once...

and i think a picture can paint thousand words, so shah's efforts are more fruitful then mine (shah that was a compliment :-))


apologies to those who again managed to escape my eagle's eye hehehe


Tarek; u r the 1st victim

unfortunately the trigger got pulled when the barrels were pointing towards u

At 1st i would say..

even though ur coat is a perfect cut still i hv never seen u cutting the coat according to the cloths

secondly i don't think u r flirting pearl but my advise is

He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin.

pearl i'm kidding but

it's as plain as the nose on your face


don't show devil-may-care attitude towards ur tarek suit


You never miss the water till the well runs dry

so get ur head above water and keep ur head above water.


Laalaa; i will steal ur pencil for sure

i wonder how did my eagle's eye miss u

but now i got it

u laid low and sung small

well,Wonders never cease!

i'm surprised how do u manage to win every time?


Time works wonders. Your secret is safe with me. A pvt creeping mouse delivers u all the answers.(Darius instead of a pvt msg try giving her candies ..hehehe) kidding


u don't have to carry this secret to ur grave.
let the main room share ur burden...hehehe

now lets see how many words ur pencil can write

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.:-)

and they say:

"Pencil. Paper. Forget the world" and "A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere"


give me ur pencil and i'll stab the illiteracy in his chest with your pencil (the FBI will catch u for the murder bz it would be ur pencil all togather ) hehe


who is next




yes u guessed right


AH TK; i would start with a quote

"growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional" so please press the "grow up" button of ur body

even though i am not good with numbers but

please take care of number one


you are the public enemy number one

but don't be upset

because u r a big frog in a small pond.

in my thinking

one who tries to generate random figures by deterministic means is of course living in a state of sin.

come on

u can count chickens before they hatch
go ahead of no.3
i know u came close to saying 4 but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


shaheen ; sorry u were not even mentioned in my 1st blog

i would say

A gladiator needs no introduction.

if given the option to choose between you and Eli i will choose u

but then i thinks

choosing the lesser of the two evils is still choosing an evil :-) isn't it?


peoples like u are as rare as a hen's teeth


even though there are many demons but there is only one devil :-)

this makes u so 11:59.........(not pm but am ..hehehe.. not scary at all)


Laksh; your turn


i know u

u r the one who adds fuel to fire every time

i remember my avocado and i also remember that

If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with....(not u definitely)

all u can do

is to sit like a baboon and watch me sharing avocado with some one else

i hv told shah already

Revenge is best served cold.

i remember u like a snake remembers the hunter of his mate.

cheers man

i won't do u any harm, i don't keep anything to my heart

but don't be an optimist

i won't share my guacamole with u :-)
beg shah or inna for a favor

may be

i forgive and forget but wait this will all be in vain , i hv finished my guacamole already ..hehe

laksh consider that

A slap on the wrist. u deserve more (kidding)


I; y don't u tell others


u go on solving IQ questions like a boy killing snake ..(sarcasm)

when someone else answers, u suddenly shouts

"If it was a snake it would hv bit you. u stole my words"

tell me one thing

why don't u seek help from 'MARRY SHAW' she will steal the tongues of others for u (but remember never ever scream)

now don't u say this

"soon it will be you who come begging to me" i bet i will not but then i'm afraid too bz misfortune has long arms

anyways i must admit

u are as funny as a barrel of monkeys

i submit to ur sense of humor


Iki Rizkii; as far as i remember

a growing youth has a wolf in his/her tummy


when did a coffee-loving fish took the place of the wolf ?

i know that

A cup of tea is not ur cup of tea :-)


hv u decided to bring the coffee leaves near to extinction ?

come on

let some horses graze those coffee laves too, they also hv the desires to remain active all the time

by the way

is coffee sweet in taste or bitter in taste ? hehe

i know u will say sweet

well, Diabetes is emerging out to be a major issue

i think

its better to serve in heaven then to rule in hell :-)


Now for those who write (nopvtplz)

some illiterates like me, or some literates like shah and inna may read it

"no main, only pvt chat, please i beg" :-)

after all

different strokes for different folks

i wonder

what's the logic behind including (nopvtplz) in nick

do u remember inna ? i asked u once that what's the way to seek attention in the main room of EC

can we mark this one way ? ..hehe


don't be mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets

i'm just curious


the curiosity may kill the cat. hehe


in the end i would say: i wish i could include every user of EC to my blog but u know if 'wishes were horses the beggars would ride' ( Barbare , i think i don't hv to explain this time )

because i can still find a lot of room to swing the cat

but lets just put a big "to be continued ...." in the end to keep the broth boiling and let 'the chief cook ( NH ) and bottle washer(___space still to be occupied) borrow some time to think about the next prey ..





to be continued.........

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well, this is my 1st blog ever in my life

as difficult as to beard a lion in his den , it seems

but i have gathered courage to say boo to a goose somehow,,

i don't want to hurt anyone's feeling , its just my train of thoughts

may be my idiomatic expressions of users of EC main room

u must know that i'm not good at reading peoples (i expect a lot of corrections:-)


shah u r definitely the 1st one to begin with;

look, leak of luck in lurking the lark

i should say

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

i know

A fox should not be at the jury in a goose's trial


i never get fooled by anyone who underrates me

and i should say

underestimation is a sign of getting messed up :-)

they say:

A common mistake that people make when trying to design
something completely foolproof is to underestimate the
ingenuity of complete fools.

so shah

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.

so have a taste of your own medicines.

i know i have Shut the stable door after the horse has bolted
but its never too late

my GOD

revenge is so sweet i may get Diabetes Mellitus :-)

but after all

A mothers bowl yearns toward her own child. i still owe u a lot of favors


happy is a person who has no memories.


pearl, consider it an advice or just an information:

it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 muscles to frown.
so conserve your ATPs (energy)


speak when u r angry and u will make the best
speech u will ever regret :-)


medically we say ;

surgery is the last resort , it's neither the 1st
option nor the solution.

but all in vain

i know a leopard can't change its spots.


Farook Jamalson ,

1st of all

The one who compares u with others is not aware of ur worth
because the indication of sincerity arise from the concept of u
being matchless.

but sorry bro i must say

If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet
must go to the mountain

come on man

u can't turn a demon into a fairy


some times u have to skin like a demon just for the sake of the
fairy , yeah road to hell is paved with good intentions.


barbare , i can't ignore u at all

making mountain out of a molehill, always

i would say

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

but worry not

i know, Nothing is given so freely as advice

and i also know

that actions speak louder then words


An Ounce of action is worth then a Ton of theory

believe me, I'm a Dutch uncle and ..

I'm all bark but no bite ....hehehe


T MAL , don't be upset

There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle


some read it

"live together"

some read it

"live to get her"

and some

"live to gether(gather)"


attitude matters

they say:difficult is done at once but impossible takes time. soon
the students will learn something from the bottom up.

u know if i would be u , i would have thought of the students like this

some students are alive because its illegal to kill them and
some are alive because devil is given a chance.

but being myself, i should say to the students :

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.hehe


learn the art of cheating in exams , don't be an orthodox
key to success is not struggle these days , its cheating.

no i'm kidding students

STUDY, study and study bz it's the "Y(why)" that makes u a
STUD.remember success is a ladder that can't be climbed with hands
in the pocket.


Darius ,the master mind

i don't know why

"It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good"

next time

flirt with an idea in which others bow and i reap, hehehe

but what can i do if

misfortune has long arms :(

but i must say

u have a mind as sharp as a steel trap.

EC is a giant room unlike other chat rooms

and a giant starves on what surfeits a dwarf


look forward to some new games

one more thing

before u discover a game, let me tell u my root of problem,


ur guess is as good as mine (hehehe), yeah i answer by guess and by gosh :(

i reckon

u r a man of principles , but principles are meant to be broken one day , next time when u ask something plz whisper a pvt msg to me about the answer.

and don't u worry

i won't vomit out the answer at once, i will hunt in time.
believe me i can disguise.. u can ask shah ( shah....ssshhh....)



i have run out of idioms, so i will quote

Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle,
trust in a Witch.

and for the room,

If you really want to upset a witch, do her a favor which she
has no means of repaying. The unfulfilled obligation will nag at
her like a hangnail.


inna new broom sweeps clean, so forget the old one buy a new one,

but seems a snowball's chance in the hell because i think u believe in the saying that "old is gold"

i have a query inna

tell me one thing which one is like looking for a needle in a haystack 1) finding ur lost broom 2) finding a topic in main room ?

OK forget that, do u remember?

once u came up with a game in the EC's main room and u said its will be as easy as to take a candy from a kid to answer ur Q

now plz tell me

was that easy like A,B,C ? no way , it was worth including in " The World's toughest Questions"....( what am i eating right now?..hah who knows, u may be eating insects ..hehe )

Now my 2nd Query

is there any difference between "pear" and "avocado" ? , well if there is any, its as small as an elephant ( u must give credit to me for coming so close...hehehe )

but Inna

u must hv know by then ; the clock can tickle anticlockwise too,
time changes and we with time.

i quote from the movie "Drag me to the Hell"

"soon it will be u who come begging to me"....(GOD, i'm a serious person...hehehehe)


>NH, share us ur life experience untill now


yeah, for sure , a poem

completion of studies was like fulfilment of desire,
but i am out of the frying pan into the fire.

forget ur joys more studies are ahead,
seems the wolf ain't gonna get easy bread.

it won't just be a soup of curies,
coming hurdles will add to ur worries.

struggle hard and watch how it goes ,
wait and see which way the wind blows.

if u r afraid then dig ur grave ,
they say luck favors the brave.

now for the EC

when u r new somewhere , every one warns ,
that an uninvited guest sits on thorns.

but no one just sits , every one tries ,
because a closed mouth catches no flies .

to be continued ........

laalaa, laksh ,I, may and others ..the barrels are pointing toward u

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