what should be the title ?

I was watching a shark movie and it took me quite a while to find out the mystery behind the technique of their hunting , let me share that with you 

Two great white sharks were swimming in the ocean. They saw the survivors of a sunken ship,

" Follow me, son " father shark said, 

and they swam to the people.

" First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing " and they did.

" Well done son ! now we swim around them a few more times with all of our fins and teeth showing" and they did.

" Now its time to enjoy the feast " and they ate everybody.

When they were both finished gorging the son asked " Dad, why didn't we just eat them all straight off? why did we swim around them for half an hour? "

Father shark replied " because my son , they taste better without the shit inside " 

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    Is "Funny" the title ? :D



    O_o well nice one ..! 

    lllllol actually its funny :D

  • :D yeah Ned@ , thats rather not a problem :-)

  • "To be or not to be... the problem is that people taste better without the shit inside:|"

    Funny story and a little grim one :/ :D

  • Lmao, my title for your story : Give the victim time, else u might find yourself in the deep shit :D
  •  NH,

    There was a famous tagline from AMEX (American Express) a while ago ! The tag line was : Dont leave home without it ! And as for your title --> what if --> SHIT STINKS, DO NOT TAKE HOME WITH IT !

  • Moral of the story...Listen to the experienced voice.

  • lolz noor , sweet fruit .... was it bitter before ?       :-D

  • lolz! patience bears a sweet fruit.....i just  came up with this title lolz:D

  • lol Eka , i really burst out laughing after reading your title , but u know hunger can make sharks do crazy things after all HUNGER is the best sauce

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