Are you content with what you have?

In the world that we are living, true happiness is what everyone is in search for. Mark my words, you won't find anyone more happier than a truly thankful, content person. Putting a full stop on what you have, not seeking for more will wipe away jealousy and will keep you out of the run of materialism. Not to blame humanity, Allah Almighty has put greed as an instinct in us to test us. To rein the horse of greed is all what is required. Besides, nothing can besiege the limits of human greed, for if given a valley of gold he will seek for an other and if given 2, he will desire for one more. The only thing that can end the hunger of human greed is dust. So being content and thankful to Allah Almighty with what you have, not comparing yourself to others and shrinking your desires are the richest blessings of this world. If you are blessed with the quality of being content, you are wealthier than most, for being content is a clown that seldom kings enjoy.

Let me end up with this beautiful saying "He is richest who is content with the least, for content is wealth of nature."

Are you content with what you have?

Note: One needs to be practical in ones thoughts for his/her theory to weigh, they say; an ounce of action is worth than a ton of theory. I said these lines just to remind this to myself first, for my ears are more close to my tongue.

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  • Love these words:  'not comparing yourself to others and shrinking your desires are the richest blessings of this world.' And well....I am content with what I have.   Cos I have nothing and everything. Thanks for the blog. Needed to recall it.

  • @Anah

    If you are what you say then you are wealthier, happier and richer than most, believe me or not. And It's good to know that you teaching others to be content too. Carry on with your good work.
  • Oh, what a nice topic you have discussed here. 

    I agree with you fully. There isn't any statement I can argue or disagree with. I myself is a person of the same belief. 

    As a student I never envy or get jealous of those students who are way better than me. I just rely on my own hard work and get a good result, thanks to the Almighty Allah. Some days ago I saw a student who was jealous from other students. She wasted a lot of time in spying others; like what she is learning? How much she has done? How much marks will she get? She didn't paid this much attention on her own studies and thus ended up having a bad exam. I simply told her do not look what others are doing, just do what you are capable of doing because you'll be graded for your own hard work not someone else's. After a long lecture she seemed to agree with me but not 100%. 

    I think being content isn't a tough job. It's so easy if you're mature enough to know you will get what you work for. 

  • @shekhar 

    Yup,  you are right, limits should not be exceeded.

  • Nomi,
    You are welcome.
    To save one bird and get for others. It is a waste to look for another if you lost the bird in the hand is gone.

    Sights high is good.But too much of doing something resulting in bad than good.
    There is a limit we shouldn't cross. We shouldn't go for too much. It ruins everything we get. 

  • @shekhar

    We want those two birds in the bush because the one in our hands is not what we are content with, this is what a human greed is. With this greed we often tend to loose the bird in hand. As I have mentioned, there is no end to human greed.

    Setting goals one after an other; then where would there be an end? Death? Yeah, I think everything will end up in despair 

    Btw, Thanks for putting your thoughts together.

  • Nomi,

    No, I'm not. I am happy what I have and try to improve other things like English etc. 
    " A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ". 
    Yes, Human wants are unlimited but nothing can do if his health is not good.
    Although we say thanks to God, shouldn't stop doing hard work to fulfill our goals. 

    Thank you.

  • @Luci

    So the conclusion is; you are a content person.

    Btw, I was describing responsible, mature, wise and aware as the qualities of a gentleman/lady :)
  • Btw I am not happy with whatever I have or achieved, this is wrong perception...I have my dreams and plans and I work hard to make them real so yes eventually I am thankful to myself and to people who helped me in my life :)
  • Come on... I just expressed my mind and being satisfied and feel inner peace has nothing to do with behaviour of lady or gentleman ;)
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