Are you also a Victim of studies?

Completion of studies was like fulfillment of desire,
but I am out of the frying pan into the fire.

Forget your joys more studies are ahead,
seems the wolf ain't gonna get easy bread.

It won't just be a soup of curies,
coming hurdles will add to your worries.

Struggle hard and watch how it goes ,
wait and see which way the wind blows.

If you are afraid then dig your grave,
they say luck favors the brave.

Don't just sit , no more cries ,
remember, a closed mouth catches no flies .

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  • I know the feeling , how tough it gets , every subject has its own vast knowledge to cover and being examined in each exam but i also think that these make us tougher for upcoming studies and exams .

  • Don't just sit , no more cries ,
    remember, a closed mouth catches no flies .


    lol :D 

    I love studying but without exams!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great text! And also it´s true, if you study too much, you don´t have time to do another more enjoyable things. Study it´s good, and recommendable, but in the just measure, not too much, not too less

  • don't take me wrong , I am not complaining , i am just making a point that more you study the more u drown in the vastness of the study sea, and more you drown the more effort you will have to make.

    I do have a magnetic attraction for the criticisms :-)

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