Ever had a funny moment in your life?

"In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" Even though Fun is not a common thing in a Doctor's life but yet I have come across many a moments in my professional life that have made me burst into laughters. Here are a few that are worth sharing with you all..

1) Patience is a virtue :

It was during my House Job in surgery, that day i was nearly drained by whole day hectic work and was about to end up taking a dirt nap when a patient's attendant came rushing to my office complaining his patient is having vomiting , i went to attend that patient, he was a post-operative patient of laparotomy. "Don't worry your pretty head about it , its a common thing post-operatively" i said and asked the nurse to inject an intravascular metoclopramide ( an anti-emetic ). I came back to my office, it was just a moment passed when the same attendant rushed " the patient is still having vomiting " thinking that this attendant is getting under my skin I attended him again and advised inj.Metoclopramide again. Only a precious few minute would have passed he came again with the similar complaints. I was like bear with a sore head this time and decided to go big. i asked the nurse to inject Domperidone ( a strong anti-emetic ) and at the same time i counseled the attendant that this time i have injected a strong drug and because its a centrally acting drug your patient will have a few vomiting after this injection ( Only Lord knows i said this just not to get disturbed again ). I only had a little slumber enjoyed may be half an hour that attendant came again and i was like OMG what's the matter now ? the reply was "Doc you said my patient will have a few vomitings after that strong injection , my patients hasn't had those few vomitings yet" ....... and i was like ufffffffffffffff yes you must have a patience of a saint.

2) Say something out loud

Once in the out patient department while i was examining an elderly, slightly deaf female patient I placed my stethoscope on her anterior chest wall. "Big breaths," I instructed. "Yes, they used to be," she remorsefully replied.

Hopefully you guys must have a few  moments of fun in your life too ( if not a lot ) and hopefully u will like to share them too.........

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  • you gotta have to have the nerves of steel , some time it feel like a blind dog in the meat market :D

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