A Plea ( Fictional )

Please don't leave me. I'm on my knees begging you..For me, your loss will be a irreparable and a irreplaceable one . I can't describe how I feel without you, NIGHTMARE, no its a very small word and it can not besiege the vastness of my sorrows. MURDER, no it does not hold a candle to my grief. HELL, no its just a poor synonym. I can't believe what has happened to you, I am not capable of dealing with this situation. I swear, I can't breath, my eyes are burning and my heart is torn apart. I would do anything to bring you back. Please listen, I am feeling so lonely without you and when I am alone I think , when I think I remember, when I remember I feel pain , when I feel pain I weep and when I weep I feel more lonely and the vicious cycle continues......So please don't leave I'm begging you like a slave begs for a favor ....This world will be like a  wilderness for me without you.

Will a plea like this make you change your decision?

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  • @ELF-Noor

    Humans are ridiculous; they make decisions in haste and anger and then regret over it. Obviously, decision to leave someone is much thought before acted upon but mostly such decision are out of your ego and stubbornness.

    Such pleas are often neglected if you already have made your mind.
    Thanks for commenting btw.

  • Sometimes such plea don't work because if someone have made decision to leave you then he/she must have thought on this alot, will my absence effect him/her negatively or positively, of course someone will never leave such a loving person with out any strong reason
  • Inna, I always look forward to your worthy and valuable comments, I firmly believe in the fictional and unrealistic emotions of such pleas, the Fictional in the brackets is what says it all. Over Exaggerating is one art of making a plea, irreparable and irreplaceable seems far below from exaggeration :D

    Thanks a lot for your views.

  • This plea is really a work of fiction. I doubt if such strong feelings could be overlooked in real.In most cases, when people decide to split up, they are fed up with each other. To me, this outcry seems too pathetic to be sincere. I'm one of those people who always give a last chance but then never look back. You can't eneter the same river twice.

     Anyway, this plea is quite good as fiction.By the way, only the loss of parents can be called an irreparable and an irreplaceable one.

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  • DIMAS, you are a real kind hearted person, persons like you are an exception. :P

  • Mishaikh, I appreciate your justification. 

    And if you do comment to get contradicted and criticized, then I appreciate you even more, cause I do believe that criticism works more wonders then praise, making you strong. Moreover most of the times we are ruined by praise and rather saved by criticism, as the Quote says "I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses."

    Thanks a million for you valuable comments.

  • Honey Bee, I do believe in the same theory. Definitely A leopard can't change its spots, a snake will never learn the art of crawling straight, a dog's tail will remain curved even if you put it in a straight rod for years, similarly the instinct on which one is born can't be changed. Keeping aside the optimism and the pessimism, we should believe in realism.

    Well, not everyone can judge the outcome of a future relationship, you gotta have the future-sight or an insight to be so sure, and I think it comes with experience.

    Surely everything takes time, Bees have to move very fast to stay still :D

  • @NH
    This EC is for reading-reviewing-commenting blogs--------thereby learning. I am implying this very aspect.

    I just comment with the knowledge that my comments might also be contridicted and critisized, and that also provide material for me to learn. Thanks for your response.

  • Thanks Zain, thanks for your views. As in this fictional world formalities are prevailing, our statements and words have also started to become formal. So Yes if the words are the true depiction on one's heart, such words can be looked forward very seriously.

  • NH, in this case you should think over all pluses and minuses of your relations but I`m the supporter of the theory that people never change :) 

    And my experience tells me that some relations are sick and should be stopped in the name of happiness for both patners. If I see no future in relations, I never start them in order not to get such pleas :)

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