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  • Don't miss Quiz 9, Mist.  Today is the last day!


  • It's nice meeting you here in EC, Mist!  Thanks a lot!

  • Wow dear it's nice to be a friend of we can share the knowledge and Learn together.
    Good luck
    take care
    have a nice day.
  • Hi Shilpa,,

    Thanks for the request, nice to meet you... :))


  • I am happy that you will not be afraid of making mistakes, Shilpa.

    I am glad you have changed your settings so that I can comment on your page and others can try to help you too.

  • MyEnglishClub is a community that shares and learns together.

    We also try to have fun communicating. A big part of the success of this community is being able to make friends.

    It is important to make friends.

    PRIVACY SETTINGS can keep you from making friends.  Privacy and community do not go well together in my opinion. Here are the best privacy settings to use:


    Here are the two most important things to keep open:

    1. Visibility-

    Your profile pageyour blog and photos need to be kept open to - Anyone

    If we can't see you and read about you we are not going to become your friends. Without friends you will not improve as well as you could.  Friends keep us motivated. Friends keep us happy. Friends help us.

    2. Moderation-

    Comments should be open to - Anyone

    When someone adds a comment on my profile or my blogPublish it immediately

    Why on earth would you want to prevent comments from members? We are supposed to love comments. Comments are helpful and motivating. That is why we have friends. That is why this is called social media.

    I feel like it is rude to moderate comments. When I leave a comment on your page and it doesn't show because it is being moderated, I can't check spelling or even delete it if I change my mind.

    If I come back later and wonder if I thanked you for your comment I won't be able to see it. I may have tried to leave it from my phone, but now can't tell if it worked or not.

    You should probably keep your moderation set like the example below. If you want to make friends you will be better off to do this. I am not going to bother too much with someone who wants to be unreachable or thinks they are better than the other members.

    So don't expect to get a lot of friends if you hide from everyone or if you make us wait when we want to leave you a comment. I don't need to be friends with people who don't want to be a friendly part of the community.

  •  Now that I am able to see it there are mistakes in my comment. I am correcting them and posting it again.

    I am also adding this link to instructions on how to fix your settings. I hope it is easy to understand.  

    Hello Shilpa. 

    I just read your blog and wanted to leave you a comment, but you have closed the comments. I looked at your other blog and it also has the comments closed. Did you know that you are blocking people from commenting?  Do you know that most friendships here are made by commenting on each other's blogs. Comments are also how people can learn better ways to write.

    It is your business what you do, but I recommend that everyone open their wall and their blogs to everyone. That is how we make a strong community of friends here. If people can't comment on a blog they often don't try to read more by the same person and make no effort to become friends. Do as you wish, but you should know that it is much better to keep privacy settings open.

  • Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for the friend request. Did you understand what I said about moderating comments?  Most of us view that as being unfriendly.

    I just read your blog again and left you a comment but you are moderating the comments which is BAD because:

    1. I have no way of checking to see if I had any mistakes so I can correct them.

    2. I also have no way to delete the comment if I want to say something differently. 

    3. If you are not going to play by the rules that most members follow please at least post a warning to us.

    What can you be afraid of that you have to see the comments before you will accept them? This is not the kind of place where people leave bad comments. If you change your settings, please let me know. Otherwise I will try to avoid leaving comments for you because I really feel like it is rude to invite someone to be a friend and then moderate their comments. It is like inviting someone to your house and then making them stand outside to eat dinner.

  • Hi Shilpa
  • Your comment wall says no comments yet. I know that I left you a comment but it shows that you have none.

    Do you realize you are blocking comments. I'm sorry to say that this will hurt your success here. You may want to look at one of my blogs which explains how to fix your settings. It is called Privacy and Community. 

This reply was deleted.

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