Hello all members! I think somehow, everyone knows William Shakespeare. And to some extend, we all have at least ever heard one of his beautiful quotes. I think some of his quotes really need to be thought carefully about. So, I suppose in this group we need some experts in English literature. And we are so glad if they can help us in understanding his deep quotes. Of course, every member in this group can add quotes or freely mention his or her idea about the quotes. Thank you^_^

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  • Hi everyone. I'm Glenn, looking for some group to join or partner who can help me to improve my english.

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    God blessed.
  • Hi everybody. I'm new in this group and this site. I'm looking for friends to learn english quickly

  • "The course of true love never did run smooth".

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  • Juliette, My love to you is foreve.

  • 46705-ExcellentQuotations.com-William-Shakespeare.jpg

  • yes, I exactly meant the idea of the side of lover...

    And also sometimes the beloved doesn't care about whether her lover is promising a possible job or not. she just becomes attracted to the lover's bravery. Maybe...

  • But Niloo, should the beloved is so silly to be attracted towards such talk/promises which are rather impossible.

    BUT let me take the side of the lover too.  By saying so a lover shows that he will do whatever within in power to please the beloved, even he will try to do beyond his power, too.

    God bless him.

  • yes Mishaikh, and I think besides what you said, it means that lovers do or promise to do whatever to attract their beloved attention towards themselves even if they think that they won't be able to do such jobs. Am I right?

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