I love writing and I think writing helps you with learning a language. So, for this group I'll have a writing prompt once a week and you can post a short response to it so that you get used to writing in English on a regular basis. You can ask for your paragraph to be edited or just post it for sharing :)

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  • Hello everyone! My name is NandinErdene. I wanna writing. I like this group
  • hello my name is andriana,

  • Hello, everyone ! Writing is my biggest challenge . Hope I can get some improve in this group.
  • My name is Rina and my hobby is writing a journal.I hope we can share our daily activities here.
  • Hi my friends. I like this group, I hope we will discuss about interesting subjects here and we will improve our skills together.

  • Hi,I'm new here,I like this group,I joined here to improve my writing skills,I'd love to learn more about that!
  • Hello There, This is Rajib. For improving fluency if you want to practice with me just add me . My Skype ID is : monjurajib

  • I am doing pretty good writing my series of novels.

  • Hello friends how are you all doing with your writing. i think Iam still in the same stage of writing, my question is how to keep yourself motivate toward everyday learning, and what makes you keep so motivated toward learning. if i talk about me iam the worst person to stick with one thing and i beleive that this internet is also the major cause of my distraction, i tried everytime to be very constant toward it but again i fail to continue toward my learning there is always some thing pop up to distract me and after a while i just forget to continue my practice with learning, with my speaking i tried to talk as much as i can with my friend in any interesting topic. And its really help me to improve my speaking same with my reading i read my favourite novels and books specially articles of my favourite topics, for listing i had downloaded a lots of english songs as well as i tried to listen radio all the time to understand english with accent. But so far my biggest problem is writing, I always failed in connecting sentences. With writing i just take a random essay topic and try to write whatever comes to my mind but then it don't make any sense because i think lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistake.

     Note;- Please help me to improve writing.

  • Reading is also necessary besides writing to learn a language, spoken and written.

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Complete the story!!!

Hi guys,Lets all make a story .Imaginary one.How to play:Every member should write one sentence that is related to other member'previous sentence to make a meaningful story.I will start:My sentence is :(There was a knock,)WHO'snext

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When to use the exclamation point

I am writing some novels and they have some dialogue that has strong feelings. Here is an example:"Oh My God, I am going to have a child"I now have a comma there and it is okay and other grammar checkers including the word accept it.Should I really use an exclamation point after the "Oh My God"?My novels have only 3 main types based on punctuation and feeling and some hybrids.I have some interrogative.I have a few imperative.Most of mine are declarative or interrogative or a hybrid of any 2.For…

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