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     What’s a long time!!!!....  I was so busy that I could not come here. I missed you all so much. Now, I will be back and dear, please welcome me (of course, just welcome and no homework .. else, I will run away again kakaka).

     As my friend –Onne Chan- she described me as a Mom who has 3 kids and all my blog write  about LOVE and KIDS, so this time, I come to our club with  a new dream. Yep, I am dreaming about money every day (nope, exactly every minute) I think about it and I find out some ways for earning money in Vietnam (remember, it’s just my opinion and I’m not sure that you will be sucessful or not). So my friends, if you have a plan for visiting or staying here for some years. Let’s have a look and need help??? OK, my hands are free...

     I used “first way” in my title because as I see it’s the best way and can help you earn money easily. You’re here –EnglishClub- means you’re very good at English, right? So becoming an English teacher is a good job. You can earn around 20$/hour. Most of Vietnamese parent wants their kids to learn English as a second language so they invest so much monney for the kid’s knowlege. A best school, a good teacher or if they can..they will invite you to come to their house and teach only the kid. 20$/hour, one day, you just teach 5 hours and will earn 100$. One month is 3,000$ and you can save 2,000$ for yourself (rent a house and food will be take 1,000$). That’s really a interesting job, isn’t it?

     And if you have money I mean if you already have a bit money and want to earn more. You can find a house and open an “english school” here. I don’t know how much you can earn by this way but as I see, some of my friends is opening the school and stay untill now (that’s mean they got benefit, right?). The important  thing is must love kids, you teach them with your sweetheart and sure, you will get more pupils by the parent’s introduce. I really like it. I intend to open a school but now, it’s too late because of my old age hahaha....

     So that’s all for this way. Now, do you want to hear my way for earning money? Oh, very very easy, I am sucessful but you won’t....why? let’s see.

     Every day, I wake up, after cleaning  everythings I make up my face (use “a red lipstick”  put on my mouth), a beautiful dress,  oh oh..need a high heels and, and, and......come back to my bed room (where my hubby is still sleeping and still dreaming that’s why he always says “yes” because he thinks I’m a fairy ), touch my hand to his hand, give him a lovely smile and ask : Darling, today I am into shoping, can I take 500$ in your vallet, please, please, please....

     As I told , the aswer is alway : YES

     Tell me... Is my way easy?


     See you in next blog. Thanks

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        My sweet friends, are you bored with my stories?…if NO… please read more my blogs, if you say YES…then you must  continue to read…hahaha….I won’t allow you to stop reading …Got it?

        Today, my mood is good because  …I’m wearing a very nice dress. Maybe you don’t believe, because of this dress then I must pass a hard diet lol… but the result is great. I can “hold my head up when I walk” hahaha…

        Here are some funny stories. One, I copied from the Newspaper and one is my true story.

        A wife asked a husband to give her 500 $ for her cosmetic surgery. He looked at her from top to toe and opened his wallet. He checked the money and gave her with a lovely voice : honey, I think 500$ is not enough. Here, I give you 1,000$.

        Let’s turn back the story of mine, you know that I care about my weight so much. Even it comes to my dream. When I sleep…then I think about my  tomorrow meal . I should eat this food, stop that food…it’s really terrible. My hubby always laughs at me. Whenever we eat together, he puts to my bowl something and forces me to eat all. Day by day, my womb is  bigger and bigger…so some days ago, I stopped eating. I just eat vegetable, when my hubby saw that, he said: "oh, honey, poor you. You did a wrong way. Your weight will increase more". I ask him why, his answer made me “to choke with laugher” : "honey, look at these elephant, all their life, they only eat grass..and see…their body even becomes “oversize” "

         I don’t know what I can say……

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        Again home, Teacher Expector wants me to run away from our club…hihihi….

        Here is mine and of course, it is always “crazy” as usual….


        How do you think about the word: Honey? Sure, honey is made from the honey-bees. They suck nectar from the flowers and save it in their “special stomach”. Why I used “special”, because as I know, the honey-bee has 2 stomaches, one is for nectar and one is for his food. He needs around 100-1500 flowers that his stomach full. After that, he comes back the nest and gives it to the worker-bee. The worker-bee will “keep in the mouth” for 30 minutes (or more) and put in the section of nest (oh my God, I hope you all understand what I’m talking about, my level of English is “great” hahaha). When it becomes solid, we have  honey.

        First(ly), I talk about the way we have honey and you see, it’s really difficult /hard work for the bees. Second(ly), let be back in our life, where do you hear the word: “honey”?  Of course, our partner calls us.  I don’t know why…maybe because “Honey” is very sweet, it’s sweeter  than sugar (as my feeling). And it makes from these beautiful flowers. Do you think so? My hubby also calls me: honey. I ask him why? His answer made me crazy: “because I’m a bear and bear loves eating honey” Oh, Oh…when I heard that, I thought about my “over weight”, I laughed so much (let’s imagine, with my “over weight”, he needs to eat “me” all his life hahaha…).

        Since then, I don’t call him by any other sweet names. I call him: big bear. Please don’t misunderstand, he is not “big” but I hope, after he finishes eating….then he can gain his weight a little and can be survive….

        Honey ..honey, it sounds good. As a wife, whenever he calls…then I never refuse him anything. But he doesn’t notice that. Sometimes, he needs me help and calls me : grandmom (it’s not exactly, grandmom in my case likes a woman who is very very old). I said : no way…I don’t waste my time for you (face’s surprise but could not understand) . Poor him!

        Ok, that’s all my homework, hope you all don’t feel bored.

         Thanks for your reading….

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After 3 years……………

        Time goes so fast, I remember that day, I was in the hospital and really felt death because of hurt. Now, I have you – 14 kilograms- yes, you want to become MyEC’s model then you don’t eat too much. Day by day, you don’t gain your weight, only your legs are longer…longer…hope, our club will open a “beauty competition”. I’m sure, you will win the prize “ Miss Youngest of MyEC” kakaka….

         Taking care of you is a hard work. I must forget all my favorite, my habit…. High heels, nice dress, long hair, long nails…oh, all has gone. Everything I do, I need to think about you. And maybe, you understand…so you always whisper to my ears :”mom, you are the most beautiful woman and I love you so much”…hearing this ..Do you think about this story – Snow White and Seven Dwarfs: "mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful girl in this world? (the answer is : mitran) hahaha….

        You grow up and all are changed. I even could not recognize …the nose, the eyes, the mouth…oh, I think, you are growing up and all are too, right? You become prettier and prettier (in my eyes, as a mom), and it makes me so proud of you. But from the depth of my heart, I want you to become a smart girl, and if The God accepted, I would want you to have one more thing : good-heart. You can see, our world has so many poor people,  you can use your brain, your hands or your effort to help them. It’s just a small help and I dare not to ask you a “big thing”. Let’s do some small things and make me  proud, OK?

        3 years old, you’re still tiny, I should not ask you anything. Eat, play, sleep…and growing, that’s all I need.

        Love you my sweet heart. Happy birthday.

        Your ...beautiful

P/s : My dear friends, as I always said : I learn English with my humor sence so please don't serious.... about my "beauty" lol.... I'm just kidding, OK?

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         My story,

       My son is 12 years old, he is studying at 6th grade and the school is near my house. We can go there on foot. So every morning, I take him there and in the afternoon, sometimes, I will let him to come back home alone. I will be on the watch, from there to house, it will take 8-10 minutes, and he is always on time. One day, I noticed that, 15 minutes passed and I was worry. I intended to found him, but he was back. His cheeks were red: “hello, mom. Let me breathe. Please don’t shout at me” lol…(He understands my character). I waited for him. He opened his bag and gave me an address. “Mom, I was late because of it. I see a beautiful girl and I run after her (thanks God, he is a real man kakaka ). I asked her and here is the address, you can buy a nice dress there” Oh Lord, when I heard that, I thought he would ask her the numbers, the address or at least … her name. What’s a “real man” that I have ! And I don’t know what he thought. How can I wear the same style with that beautiful girl? Maybe, he thinks, I'm just 15 years old , great idea….

        And this one is from NET

        Grandson and grandmother are walking in the park. A beautiful girl acrosses them. He looks at her and  becomes woozy. Grand mom sees that, she asks him : Do you like her? Hurry up,  run after her and take her phone numbers. He answers : oh, grandmom, how can I do like that, it’s so embarrassing. She laughed and said : ok, baby. Stay here and see what  I will do…

        5 minutes later, the phone rings, when he answers it, he hears a sweet voice : hello there, are you Mr.Happy? . Your grandmom is missing, I and she is standing in the park, can you come here and pick her up…

        After reading it, think about my son, i’m sure, I will be grandmom soon. Hehehe…

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        Teacher Expector gave this challenge..And it made me crazy…: to correct…I wonder…why he didn’t use these words : to correct mitran’s mistake. If he used like that then nothing happens. Now, because of him…I will understand the word “correct mitran” with another meaning.

(“to correct” is : to repair, to fix.)

        I love my face, body, skin…I love all. Although those are not perfect. But I accept it. Sometimes, I look at the mirror and find out…  I have a pretty face…but the nose is long and big. And as I know, the cosmetic surgery is improving day by day. So they can make you be prettier that no one knows about your “correction” .I have some friends who came to Korea and did something with their face. Sure, you will be surprised with their new face. Very perfect and natural. Seeing them…and I throw away my fear, I wish I can do it but …hehehe…again but, I’m married and I need to save more money for my kids. I can not waste my money. One more reason, if I was still single then I wouldn’t be hesitate to do that, And I beg …that time (shining beauty) I could catch a prince. Look at me now, because I didn’t so I had caught an “old prince” lol…it should be “an old king” hahaha…..What’s? You tell me: do it right now, it’s not late…oh oh, come on…I know I can do it but what will happen after that? Are you sure? Can I catch a prince with my age now or I will catch a “super ..super ..old king” again…

        “to correct mitran”, if you help me then you will be broken. I have so many “dead points”, and here – MyEC- I know one person who can help me. It’s Teacher Expertor. Yes, It’s him because he is a doctor and that’s why he gave this challenge : “correct ourself”. He wants us to be more beautiful like my thought: no ugly women on this world just…woman is ugly because she has no money for her cosmetic surgery hahaha….

        So I will send him a bill…

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        A successful businessman is having his  mission. He wants to eat a breakfast in his private room so he calls  a waiter and asks him to do it. The breakfast must be:

        2 eggs are burnt. One “insipid” cup of coffee, some vegetable faded, some breaks as cry as bone. And you don’t need to serve when I eat. Otherwise, you can ask me to take a sugar box or salt for you. It doesn’t matter. Got it?

        The waiter is surprised. He asks a man: “Sir, how can I do like that. It’s my obligation. If my boss knows about that. Sure, I will be off immediately. Do I know the reason sir?” A man answers: “don’t worry boy, I won’t tell it to your boss. I ask these things because…I miss my wife. I want to imagine that your hotel is my house”

        What’s a great hubby!

        And my true marriage’s story. 

        As a custom of my country, most of the man can seat on chair and require his wife to serve him. I’m the same. During a meal, I need to stand up 3 or 4 times to take something which everyone needs. It’s really a rule in my house. Mom serves for all. Sometimes, when I get tired…..then I shouted at them. Lol…I know, if I teach/or ask, they will help me that no complain but I didn’t….. Therefore, all my members don’t know where spice boxes are. One day, I go for travel some days. My son called me and said with the tears : “mom, when will you come back, hurry up, I miss you and miss your dishes. I have lost some kilograms since you went”…I feel very funny and ask him why, he said : “daddy cooks, and these dishes are terrible”. Too sweet tasting or salty. Dad said: “he doesn’t know which the salt/sugar box is”.

        See….what’s a great son! …hahaha


        To be continue….

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        First, let me tell you a funny story. (this story has some violent words, the viewers should consider carefully before reading…hahaha)

        A reporter asks a happy couple who just celebrates 50th wedding. “Good evening sir and madam, please tell me the key which has made you both happy for a long time”. The husband looks at his wife with a tender eyes and answers: “I won’t tell you the secret but I will tell you a story…”

        I and she got a happy party wedding. After it finished, we come back my own house. A dog barked at her when he saw a stranger (my wife). She didn’t do anything, just smiled and said: “hey, puppy, stop it. I will give you 3rd warning. And this is the first time”. One week later, when she washed dishes, the dog barked her again. She counted: the second. One day, she returned house from the super-market. The dog barked her again. She looked at him and took an axe. She cut off the head of dog. I was really shock. I asked her: honey, why did you do like that? . She turned her face, looked into my eyes and counted : “darling, this is the first time”. Since …we  have lived happy forever.

        Next, it’s just joking. After reading this report, I wonder…what  I will do if I get angry? (Sure, I won’t “cut off  my dog’s head” because of one reason : in my house, I have not an axe kekeke…) .

        Let me think…..

        Ok, I also will tell you a true of my marriage’s story.

        I love durian so much and as I see, the smell is great but someone feels it terrible. My hubby is too, that’s why he never buys it for me (even when I beg Some years ago, I had  a pregnancy and I craved for durian everyday. When I asked him, he said : NOOOOOOOOOO…..I didn’t say anything, just touched my womb and reduced my voice to a “sweet voice” : "darling, it’s not for me, it’s for your daughter …if you don’t do it, right now, I’m sure, she will bite you” .He “jumped out of his skin” and “run with a smoke behind” hahaha…till now, after 3 years and my womb is “empty” again but whenever I ask him to buy it. He never refuses me any more. Maybe, hahaha…he still fears my teeth..oh, it should be : my daughter’s teeth.


        To be continue….

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          Maybe all of you wonder …why  I make a comparison like that? Oh, it’s just a funny thought. Yesterday, when my family had a dinner together. My husband told : “honey, I wish you like a TV then I can turn off “you” whenever I want. You’re so talkative”. Oh my God, I was so sad, but hihihi….it doesn’t matter, he will have to stand beside me until he dies…

        I put “my legs” on my “brow” and think ..think…about his joke. I see, there are so many points between wife and TV.  Hope, I can bring a big smile to your face.

        The different:

  1. A power. I mean: TV needs a power for the action, but a wife no need…as for me, if I don’t eat anything for a week then I still can talk…
  2. Remote control. Yes, if you want to chance the channel, then you need it. But a wife doesn’t need…she can change from this channel – society to another channel – kid/shopping or something that you don’t use the remote.
  3. On/off button…kekeke, it’s very laughable. You turn on/off your TV but be careful with your wife, remember, your wife is always in ON
  4. When you watch a TV, if something wrongs happen then you can “slap gently” in it. But with your wife,  you will receive the divorce application at once if you slap at her ( not paying any attention gently or strongly)
  5. When the TV is corrupt, you can throw it away…your wife…it never happens hahaha…..

        The Same :

  1. Talkative. Yes, both can talk days after days, years after years…until “the death separates us” lol…
  2. Always update the NEWS. Sometime, both will make you  crazy because of that NEWS. But as a gentleman, you should listen to all.
  3. Always change a style. Today, she can wear a dark dress (it made her  be thin) but tomorrow, she can wear a “glaring color” and …look at that, so many big flowers on there. And it’s still alright. About the TV, today is HD, and next day…wow, full HD or LCD screen.
  4. Long life…hahaha…this thing is my thought. My TV is 17 years old and it’s still working. Me???...oh, you know that how old  I am.
  5. Both makes  you happyof course TV is…and your wife makes you happy too.What? You said: No…oh, come on, she did…just, you didn’t recognize it.


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 Hahaha…really he made me mad. I’m thinking..thinking…here is my blog. (And this is the first time that my blog is very very ..short lol..)

          I have a lovely, cute, and “handsome” dog. One day, when my daughter and the dog is playing together, suddenly the dog runs to his cage very quickly and pretends  to be asleep. The reason is : he heard my “footstep” and though : a witch is coming


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Be yourself…

     Woman is a big trouble..hahaha…this thing I heard from my husband. When I see a beautiful girl then I wish I can be prettier, when I see a young girl then I wish I can be younger….in the main, I’m always jealous with any girls who is better than me.

     After so many days…oh, it should …so many years then I learned that : I should accept myself. I’m fat - it’s ok, I’m short – it’s alright. And from these things that I take out : FAT and SHORT have so many strong points. Let me show it…

     The strong point of FAT

  1. Fat is very “user-friendly” when you play with your kids. Specially, to play see-saw. You sit one side and the other side, you can put 3 your kids. It still works, up and down, up and down….hahaha….
  2. When you are fat, then you don’t fear about “the cool weather” because you have so much “blubber”. It looks like a “feather”. Always making you…
  3. Holding a “fat woman” is very interesting. Soft, cool, smooth….let’s imagine about your pillow. You feel very good when you hold it, right?
  4. Fat helps you to survive for a long time, I mean : when you meet a problem and there is no food, fat can use a great reserve of energy. If you’re thin, how can you have kekeke….
  5. When you re fat, it proves that…you have enough food.. … if you have much food means  …you are rich ….Am I right?

     The strong point of  SHORT

  1. You can wear any high-heels that you want.. You don’t need to care about your husband high. Whenever you go beside him then .. .both becomes a great couple.
  2. You can save money from your clothes. You’ re short and your trousers (T-shirt)  are short too. So you save more money from material. Or even you can buy a small bed kekeke…
  3. When you play a game with your kids, you can sit any children’s chair. No need to worry that your knee to hit your face lol…
  4. It’s very convenient when you and your daughter wear the same shorts. You can borrow her shorts and no need to buy for your own
  5. This one is important. You are short, whenever you and your kids go outside together, if someone looks behind your back. Sure, they will think you are their sister. Hahaha….means : you are still young year by year

Noe : (I’m just kidding and I’m talking about myself, not you….)

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     In my country, we have a song like that : (it’s very interesting but with my level, I’m sure that I can’t translate it as well as itself)

Thanks God, every morning I wake up

I have another thing that I love

     In our life, we meet so many things and here, I throw away the worst things. I am talking about these sweet things. Hope, it will make your day brighter.

     The sweet thing is : every day, when I cook some food for my kids, I receive  long kisses from them and they never forget to give me a compliment :  Mom, you’re a great chief . If we have a competition from you and Mr. Ramsay…sure, you will be a number one. Lol…of course, I’m # 1 because of one reasons : Mr. Ramsay is a gentleman and  will give up me. He knows : a “gentleman” is never to fight something with a woman. Is it right?

     The sweet thing is : after a deeply sleep, we open the eyes and see our lover’s face  with a big smile : hi, honey, did you sleep well? (Cool - I’m flying to the moon) if  yes, hurry up, to iron my T-shirt and do something for my breakfast. I don’t want late. (and now, I’m on the way to the hell hahaha). Maybe you all think that it’s impossible, right? Believe me, if you’re marriage and several years passed, you will see…it can be possible.

     The sweet thing is : in the morning, the phone rings and when you pick up, you will hear your parent’s voice : hey, sweetheart, Are you fine? I cook a delicious food which you love a lot. So let pass our house and take it. OK? How can I describe my mood at that time. I just..just…dream about my childhood when I came back a little girl , slept on the sofa and my dad took me on his strong arms to my bed. I was really missing that feeling. It made me  pleasant and happy. I remember, sometime, I pretended to be asleep and waited for my dad coming. Wow, time goes so fast, I wonder, now, any of my kids are waiting for that action. Maybe, only my little daughter…

     The sweet thing is : everyday, when I “jump up” to a scale and hear a sweet voice : hi, mitran, congats, your weight is the same yesterday. I think maybe it is a sweetest thing in my life. I dare not think…one day, when I “climp up” and my scale will say : hi,mitran, please put your little daughter down, please weigh one by one. Oh my God, just think about that day then I cannot  breathe hahaha….

     The sweet thing is : we have a new day so don’t miss it my dear friends, there are so many great things that we can enjoy and come into it. I know, we all meet  troubles but everything will be fine, just live and do our best. We can overcome all…..



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Cute nails for your holiday

     Oh, please don’t misunderstand that I’m a “manicurist”. Because of I come to the hair-salon regularity then I can do some easy styles for my nails. Today, I will show you one style which can make you become a beautiful lady lol…

     You need 3 bottoms: white color, polish (top coat) and one polish with a “gold/sliver” (here I  use violet color)

     Look at my picture.

First, after you clean and  file your nails , You will paint white color to a part of nails. Don’t worry about the soiled, it will be fine when you draw another layer. See….


Next, you use the violet/sliver polish draw 2/3 your nail (or all nail's surface. It's up to you). It looks like this.

Finally, using the top coat paint entire nails. When I finish, see, my nails are cute. Is it right?

Now, let do it. Very easy, you can change any color which you want….

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     When my beautiful teacher Tara gave this challenge . I felt sad, I intended to write something as my thank and goodbye to her, but I don’t want to bring a drop of tear come to your eye lol…so as normal, I will join into her challenge with  fun. I hope, she can laugh and feel pleasant when she reads my blog.

     Women worry so many things but I’m sure most of woman will think about her weight (thin or fat). Here, because I’m fat so we will talk about “fat woman and the way she lose some kilograms" hihihi….

      As a mom, I must spend my “pregnant” and during pregnancy I got a lot of kilograms. Mom is strong and baby will be also strong. Is it right? That’s why, I ate too much. And it makes me   fatter and fatter. One baby, I gained more 3 kilograms. And 3 kids, oh my god, now, I need to throw away 10 kilograms. How can I do it?

     So I give a goal that I will reduce my weight in 2016. Talking is easy but when you do it, you will see …it’s hard. I did so many ways but I choose 3 ways : to practise  without food, exercise, detox…and every way had a different result. With a first way -without food- I lost some kgs but I was always in hungry, even my food come to my dream and my pillow was wet because of my slaver hahaha….

     Detox is a best way for our skin but it was not good for my stomach (because I use lemon, cucumber and mint leaf). So I drink it everyday after I eat something. Then nothing happens, I still keep my “perfect weight” .

     Exercise , yes, all of you will talk that it’s a great way. You’re right. I'm doing some gymnastic and it has a very good result. I can see my womb is small..(but a little), my legs, shoulder…are smaller, but my weight is still the same, why? Because when I do exercise, I’m tired and hungry so I eat more and more….

     In short, I think if I want to lose my weight. Then I should compare 3 ways together. I hope one day, when my perfect body comes back…I will share to you my picture, now…oh, I dare not…

     Thank you so much my dear teacher Tara for an interesting challenge. I had a good time with you and MyEC,  will miss you so much.

     Take care.


     Your stupid student : mitran

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     As all of you know that I always learn English with a humorous sense. So please read my blog and laugh and forget it. Please don’t be serious. Ok?

      I heard that LOVE likes a medicine. It can treat all your hurt. And depending of your drink then It has the bitter (or the sweet). How many times do you drink it wrong? Me…I could not remember…maybe 2 or 3 times. I just say by only word: bitter. Yes, really it was bitter. Even I could not breathe but it made me strong and get more experiences.

     LOVE is blind. People say like that. With me, I am sure that my love is not blind …because it can see the way and fly to my kids, husband, parents, friends…and to you. Don’t you get it? Hihihi…so I can say: it has an eye and never goes wrong way.

      Be back my subject. Meaning of LOVE. I will define it as:

      L is life. Someone says: my life is in the hell. I don’t know why but I guess that they meet  big trouble and may not solve it. What’s? You ask me where  I am now. Yep, yep…let’s me see…I am on the way to the heaven. But hahaha…..the way is still long and I must transit some bus-stops more. So maybe, it takes 30 years more …lol….

     O is obedience. Of course, my mean is “to obey” but have a respect together. We make a concession in LOVE. Everyone has a “self” and we must ignore “yourself”. We learn to accept the best and the worst of our partner. Stubborn, hard, talkative…or even uncleanliness…we accept all.

     V is verity. In Love we should tell a truth but we can tell a lie in some cases. When I was a child, my neighbor asked me: “Do you love me”? I said: yes, but in fact, I hated her so much. She wanted to take my dad’s heart (my mom’s worry…hihihi). But I said yes…because hahaha….she gave me a lot of candies. How could I say no… as my thought, I won’t tell a lie with any boy who has  “brave” to says love me (except my hubby and son). So please don’t be surprised  if you ask me the same question above and receive my answer: NO….

     E is emotion. We love each other and we share anything together. If you love someone you will happy with his/her happiness. You will be sad with their sadness. On the word LOVE. I really like the “E” so much. The God made a woman and man and he knew that the man’s life will be boring if without “his rib-its woman”. Perhaps you say that “to live alone is good”. You can do anything which you want. But I think, sometime, you feel lonely. At that time, if you have a good friend/lover who can listen your confidence then you will be better. Is it right?

     In short : LOVE is Life with obedience, verity and emotion.

     That’s all my thought. Join my challenge and share .....if you have the other of thought .Thanks for reading.


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     15 years ago, you came with me. Time goes so fast, it likes a wind. since your weight 2,800 grams and now you reach 47 kilograms. I don’t know how much food and milk that you have eaten. But I guess … you may eat some 40 feet containers hahaha…

      15 years, so many things changed. But one thing is as in a past. It’s a love that I give you. After hard 15 years , I cannot say how much tired that I have had . You were strong and you were sick, you cried and you laughed, you were happy and upset… I spent most time with you. When you got hurt, you felt hurt one but I felt as a double. You may not understand now but one day, when you become a mom then you will understand clearly of what  I say.

      15 years, at the beginning I’m your mom, friend, sister lol…and one day, I become a “witch” hahaha…but my “footsteps” always walk with you on your way. Sometime, we meet a barricade, we step over it together and if we meet a big barricade that we even couldn’t overcome  it. Then you hold my hand so tightly  and we …we…crawl in it. We cannot give up. Together, we can do all the hard thing, is it right, my sweetheart?

      Yesterday, I told with your sister : “ I love my daughter the most”. You heard that and you said : mom, you should say :”I love my daughters the most”…hahaha…yes, I should use “s” on my sentence. How can I forget you, but you must remember, your sister is just 2 years old. Please don’t be jealous of her.OK?

      One age comes, you’re growing up so fast. Now, you become a pretty girl (oh, as a mom, daughter is a most beautiful girl). You made me so proud of you when you passed a famous school . The day I heard that, I flied to the moon that no need to transit anywhere hihihi…. I asked you to join that school. You were sad and angry with me. You wanted to learn at the normal school which almost your friends learn. I know it but you should look in the future. The famous school will help you on your life/job. You have so many chances to study, to practise, to find out…Do you understand ?

      I didn’t choose this day, and I didn’t know why you chose it. Maybe because you’re a ghost you’re really a cute ghost that the Lord gave me. So “my sweet ghost”, happy birthday and happy Halloween too. I hope you will enjoy your day and don’t forget to eat all my dishes. Ghost doen’t need the food but you need…


      Love you more than I can say.


      Your mom.  



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Home work: scare and scared.

     Hihihi….it’s my home work, my beautiful teacher Tara taught me about these words : Scare and scared. I’m still confused,  so if I have mistakes (again) then…please give me some rods. Surely, I will remember them at…lol…

     Here, I use the word “Scare”  as a Noun. So what am I scare? :   Ghost, Snake…hahaha…I don’t scare them. But I feel a little “scared” with a worm. I don’t know why …maybe because of its soft, ugly and I get allergic to its hairs. In my garden, my hubby is planting some fruits: water-apple, lemon, chilly…..and he always takes some worms. He knows what scares me and occasionally teases me. He puts it to my face, and describes the worm as a pet: look, honey, the skin is very nice but there are some wrinkles, maybe it looks like you –old...(hhhhh) and I’m sure it has one thing which like you the most”. Now, friends, look at my picture and guess what he is talking about. OK, I will tell you in the end of my blog.

     Scared – Adjective. My eldest daughter is a very scared girl. Till now, she dares not to sleep in her room alone. I remember, one day, it was late and I heard someone to knocked on the door. I opened it and saw her in tears. She said: “mom, let me in. there is a Ghost in my room”. I felt funny and asked her: “where is it”? She said: “She’s gone, I tell her (female ghost): go away, if not, my mom comes and throw you. That time, you will be dead” hahaha….she said like that because she thought :  she - and also that Ghost- is in the fourth floor. If I throw her down…surely, that Ghost will be….

     Now, ghost scared me (hahaha…means: Ghost ran away from me). Maybe, sometimes, she wanna come back my house, but she thinks: “there is a “scary Ghost woman – Mitran”. So the best way is stay away from her….

     My Teachers, I know my level of English is still poor. I’m trying to learn it everyday. But please give me a time. I’m old and my brain has not any “empty places” for studying. I need to arrange all things in there. Hope, it will have a small place…^_^

     P/s: about his joking…hahaha…he talks about my body. I and this worm have the same body. No waist….

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     My beautiful Teacher Tara gave us a challenge: talk about our Father. As for me, I love him more than my mom (hihihi…please keep it in secret). I can say so many actions that he did,  I will tell you 2 lessons which I was learned

     I’m a woman and because of it…..hahaha…I have some weakness. However, I’m sure that most of women always fears “Ghost” and “Snake”, is it right? When I was a kid, I also scared both. And my Dad helped me to overcome it. Maybe you will be curious what his job is...ya, he is not a doctor or teacher or...he is just a farmer but I'm so proud of him. Now,  I’m using these lessons for teach my kids. Unfortunately, my babies doesn’t like me. They still fear it ^_^

     Ghost, I (you) never see in real life. I heard (or watched on film) and really scared it. I remember, that time, in my village, there was some houses and from this house to that house had a long distance. We didn’t have light-street in the night. So when the Sun comes to his bed…whatever happens, I was not go out. Till one day he needed noodle. He asked me to go there. I said: “no Dad. I feel sleepy. Let’s ask my sisters”. Hahaha…I don’t know why but he knew my fear. He told me: “come there and buy noodle else you will stay outside all night”. I felt very angry, I took money and shut a door in the wind. I started go. After a few second, I recognized my situation and my fear come. I run quickly. In the store, I bought some noodle and asked the manager to take me back. She refused (maybe she had the same my fear lol..). I looked her with help-entreating eyes. She turned her back. I knew that no one helps me in this case. So I decided to run back my house. On the way,  I met my dad, he come and picked me up. We walked together. He told me: “sweet heart, you see nothing happens. You need to be strong. One day, you will be a mom and that time, if you still fear it (the thing is not real) how can you teach your children”

     A first lesson is: don’t let your mind weak, don’t think and it will never come….   

     Snake, as I told above, he is a farmer. We had a big place where he planed rice. In the harvest, I always met snakes. That time, I just shouted and run away. I thought it was normal then I forgot. One day, he came back home too late. He didn’t say anything but as I saw…he did something in the kitchen. The next morning, he woke me up and asked me to go with him. We come to the garden and there was a small table with so many snakes on there. I shouted and was intent to run away, but he kept me again. He said all snakes were safe. I mean: he kept them on the box. "Look, these are poisonous snakes, when you meet them you should stop and look at its eyes. After that, very careful you back out but don’t forget to look into their eyes, try to find something which can use as a weapon. If they don’t do anything, you should too…if they bite you, jump for out and hit them back. Make sure that you have a long distance with it. You can kill them easy. And there are “lovely snake” lol … you don’t need to worry but I think, the best way is: stay a way from them".

     A  second lesson: in any cases, don’t forget to protect yourself. Don’t let’s them know about your fear. Already face to face…and you will be a winner.

     Now, he gets old. He retired…. sometimes, I take my kids to come back my hometown. I wanna teach them like my dad did before. But God, how can I put myself in dangerous situation (like him) lol…. So I took them to the zoo and kekeke….there are so many snakes. See, this photo is one of my lessons. Are you scared?





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     My dear Noas, she written a blog : life lesson from a joke. Hahaha…so here is my story and I’m sure, it happened in my marriage, I don’t copy it from anyone.

     Marriage – the word with so many levels. With this one, it is love , that one is responsibility, another one is obligation. As for me, it combines all. However, life with so many things to do will make you exhausted. Then I find out a way to  roll back the tiredness. It’s : give more fun in your life/marriage . So my blog is just for fun. Now look at these lessons which I learn from my marriage.

     We married around 15 years. Till now, we treat each other like a friend (not like a lover) so I (also He) always forgot the wedding day. Of course, we remembered it but we didn’t celebrate it. A few months ago, we celebrated it again. I asked him to buy something for me. My you know what his answer was…”honey, when a fisher man catches a fish, do you ever see that he opens a fish’s mouth and puts more a bait in it”…his meaning is easily understood but with my level, I’m afraid of you still not get it. Is it right? The mean is : when we caught a fish, we don’t need to give more bait.  Now, he caught me (he thinks I’m a fish….hahaha..OK, fish but I prefer to be a he doesn’t need to win my heart again. Hic ..What a smart idea ! hahaha….

     So after so many years, I got some lessons for my life.

  1. Don’t expect a gift on your special day..Maybe some of you will do not agree with my thinking. Here, I’m talking about my marriage so as my situation, how can he buy something for me if I keep all his money hahaha….
  2. Don’t ask him to do your house work, just like me, I give him a choice : clean my house or help my little baby to drink milk (remember now she is just 11 months and have to drink mother’s milk…)
  3. Don’t talk too much…I don’t know why but most of wife become a “talkative” person. I myself can talk all night (see, night not day hehehe). But sometimes, I stop speaking and that time, he was very worried. He asked about my health. But, the secret is : I stop it because of I feel sleepy kakaka…
  4. Don’t worry about your weight. It’s serious. He loves your kids and he needs to remembers who bore them. So let’s relax, eat anything you like and enjoy what you are.
  5. Don’t hear his talking just look at his actions. Yes, we don’t need to hear about his loving . We need him to prove it. Same as me ,hahaha…when he says : honey, I love you. I will say back : “wow, you love me, could I buy another diamond’s ring darling?”. See, I think I’m smarter than him hahaha…(this sentence I shouldn’t shout at in public, just whisper ^_^)

I have some more experiences. But I don’t want you to fall in sleep when you read my blog. So I stop here. See you on my next crazy blog :) 

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Hello MyEC, I'm a newbie :))))

        As I told, I will introduce myself whenever I come. Now, hihihi… let’s me say something..

       My nick name is SUSA. It’s a delicious juice of Vietnam. See…

        Of course, My mom doesn’t like this juice…kekeke… actually, she likes it very much but she is afraid of it will make her to get fat. Poor her!. I think, she no need to eat that juice, just… she calls my name and will gain her weight. OMG…if she knows …then all her life she won’t call my name anymore ^_^

        I was born on July 3rd 2013 and till now, I'm 11 months (nearly). And I’m a girl. Look at my photo, Am I cute? Ohhh…you ask me why I didn’t open my eyes and my mouth …hahaha…. I don’t want to make you all disappointed. Let’s imagine : if I smile that no teeth…you will be faint at once, right? And I need sleep more for my growing so lol… I will show my eyes (also teeth) soon but promise me .. You won’t fall in love with my sight. Deal?

       After so many days, I’m here and nice to meet you . As I see, this club likes a sweet house. Everyone is welcome and friendly. I’m so happy that I can become a member of it. When I were unborn, I heard about 2 friends whose helped my mom so much. So today, I wanna say thanks to them

  • Teacher Hala : she is my mom’s best friend. she were with her anytime. Her mails/messages are better than any medicines. And kekeke…she has 2 handsome sons. I wonder… why not if one day I can become her daughter in law.
  • Teacher Anele : ohhh…it’s my luckiness again. She received me as her goddaughter that she doesn’t care I’m nice or ugly. It makes me so exciting. Having a godmother and she is not from my country. It means : I need to learn English more and more. Else….one day, I meet her in real and cannnot ask/require something. That time, I think…it’s me who is poor…..hahaha….


       And many thanks to all my friends here who gave me (and my mom) so many wishes, warm hugs, advices, and…also kisses (remember, now, all kisses are free…but when I be grown up ..ehem…you must pay money for that kisses, got it? ….) thank you so much…..

       See you around..

       Love you all.


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