My story,

       My son is 12 years old, he is studying at 6th grade and the school is near my house. We can go there on foot. So every morning, I take him there and in the afternoon, sometimes, I will let him to come back home alone. I will be on the watch, from there to house, it will take 8-10 minutes, and he is always on time. One day, I noticed that, 15 minutes passed and I was worry. I intended to found him, but he was back. His cheeks were red: “hello, mom. Let me breathe. Please don’t shout at me” lol…(He understands my character). I waited for him. He opened his bag and gave me an address. “Mom, I was late because of it. I see a beautiful girl and I run after her (thanks God, he is a real man kakaka ). I asked her and here is the address, you can buy a nice dress there” Oh Lord, when I heard that, I thought he would ask her the numbers, the address or at least … her name. What’s a “real man” that I have ! And I don’t know what he thought. How can I wear the same style with that beautiful girl? Maybe, he thinks, I'm just 15 years old , great idea….

        And this one is from NET

        Grandson and grandmother are walking in the park. A beautiful girl acrosses them. He looks at her and  becomes woozy. Grand mom sees that, she asks him : Do you like her? Hurry up,  run after her and take her phone numbers. He answers : oh, grandmom, how can I do like that, it’s so embarrassing. She laughed and said : ok, baby. Stay here and see what  I will do…

        5 minutes later, the phone rings, when he answers it, he hears a sweet voice : hello there, are you Mr.Happy? . Your grandmom is missing, I and she is standing in the park, can you come here and pick her up…

        After reading it, think about my son, i’m sure, I will be grandmom soon. Hehehe…

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  • Dear Oporazita

    Yes, he is...

    Thanks for your comment

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  • how lovely son u have....

  • Noas...

    hahaha...your comment makes me laugh. Yep, why I don't think about that...sure, real man

    Thanks Noas

  • Dear Just for name is very great

    Maybe you don't understand my feeling. in my eyes, my kids are still tiny. Yes, I accepted that I'm a hard mom but all I do...I do for them

    Thanks for your comment

  • Dear Elina,

    Yes, he must thinks like that else...he is dead..kakaka...

  • AG...,

    I really love your hahahaha..........:)

  • What a wonderful thought that he has of you. Even when looking at other girl, he still thinks of you. That's a real man. 

  • hahahhahahahhahahahahahaha...

    How lovely :D

  • Dear Shaila,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment...:)

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