You’re welcome to correct mitran.

        Teacher Expector gave this challenge..And it made me crazy…: to correct…I wonder…why he didn’t use these words : to correct mitran’s mistake. If he used like that then nothing happens. Now, because of him…I will understand the word “correct mitran” with another meaning.

(“to correct” is : to repair, to fix.)

        I love my face, body, skin…I love all. Although those are not perfect. But I accept it. Sometimes, I look at the mirror and find out…  I have a pretty face…but the nose is long and big. And as I know, the cosmetic surgery is improving day by day. So they can make you be prettier that no one knows about your “correction” .I have some friends who came to Korea and did something with their face. Sure, you will be surprised with their new face. Very perfect and natural. Seeing them…and I throw away my fear, I wish I can do it but …hehehe…again but, I’m married and I need to save more money for my kids. I can not waste my money. One more reason, if I was still single then I wouldn’t be hesitate to do that, And I beg …that time (shining beauty) I could catch a prince. Look at me now, because I didn’t so I had caught an “old prince” lol…it should be “an old king” hahaha…..What’s? You tell me: do it right now, it’s not late…oh oh, come on…I know I can do it but what will happen after that? Are you sure? Can I catch a prince with my age now or I will catch a “super ..super ..old king” again…

        “to correct mitran”, if you help me then you will be broken. I have so many “dead points”, and here – MyEC- I know one person who can help me. It’s Teacher Expertor. Yes, It’s him because he is a doctor and that’s why he gave this challenge : “correct ourself”. He wants us to be more beautiful like my thought: no ugly women on this world just…woman is ugly because she has no money for her cosmetic surgery hahaha….

        So I will send him a bill…

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  • My lovely Teacher... made me curious...he is a doctor, I knew, but I never ask him about his "specialty" ..hahaha...hope, it's my imagining.

    No, I won't write a "sad blog". It's not my character. you know, in my life, of course, I meet so many trouble and upset but I throw away all. I just keep a "happy thing", that's why I'm always young. Belive? kekeke...

    Thanks, no way. You're "pefect" and don't need to do anything. if you want...we will go to the but it's for a DATE. because korea is "so romantic" my thought.

  • Lol... After reading your blog, I just wondered if you would really like to learn English.  Even the word "correction" has a different meaning for you.

    But you can always be our Miss Vietnam even without correcting you because you have a natural beauty.

    And please, spare Expector Smith because he is not a dermatologist, hahaha!  His specialty is far from what you are imagining.  You may go to Korea if you like, beauty clinics are swelling there.  I am sure, you will have no problem when it comes to the price of being "corrected" there.  

    And if you have mercy, you will take me with you when you go there on the condition that all my expenses will be paid by you, hahaha!  

    Thanks...... you made me happy again with your funny blog.  When will you make a sad blog?

  • Onee...

    Not yet...Let's me "save" and send him all the bills. He will "fall into a faint" when he sees it kakaka....

  • I have a question. Have you sent the bill to our doctor? :) :D

  • lol..princess...Oh my God, I don't think so my dear Fahime, I'm a mother, grandmother) of princess..hahaha...

    But, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm so happy

  • WoW! wOw! If you were by my side I would hug you tightly. How lovely you are. I really enjoyed reading this blog. You are an amazing writer with a wonderful sense of humor.

    It's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig chance to have such a positive and lovely Mitran here. Look, don't forget that you are a princess of kindness. :-)

  • Dear ELF Noor I said : I dare not do it but...from my heart, if I can..., then I will do "a little with my nose" lol...

    Thanks for the comment and also the request. Nice to know you

    ELF-Noor's Page
    ELF-Noor's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • nice blog... but I don't think so that you need any surgery because you are looking cute and decent also..

    don't think like that.. pay thanks in this look which you have because you have better look then many people around..:)

    stay happy always with  your family..!!


    I don't think so, my hubby is older than me 12, and everythin g is ok. but hahaha....I'm teasing you, nope, you are so far, I won't..never choose you for her lol...

    Thanks so much my dear, time goes so fast. more than 5 years you and me know each other. I will post her photo. I just took it when she was on her vacation. to become a beautiful girl her mom ahahaha....

  • lol, Mitran :D

    I never forgot... but WOW, I feel really surprised though... I never thought she would hit 17 that fast :D she was really little that time, or maybe I have not considered that it's been five years old past since I got to know you :D... May God protect her and all your kids :))) 

    But, hey... It seems that you even forgot that I become 30 -_-  

    A 30 years old man is never suitable to fit in with a 17 years old kid -_- (don't you think so!?)

    Since you rejected my proposal now, I will become an old and forgotten :'( 

    And I will die a spinster, no way :'( 

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