After 3 years……………

        Time goes so fast, I remember that day, I was in the hospital and really felt death because of hurt. Now, I have you – 14 kilograms- yes, you want to become MyEC’s model then you don’t eat too much. Day by day, you don’t gain your weight, only your legs are longer…longer…hope, our club will open a “beauty competition”. I’m sure, you will win the prize “ Miss Youngest of MyEC” kakaka….

         Taking care of you is a hard work. I must forget all my favorite, my habit…. High heels, nice dress, long hair, long nails…oh, all has gone. Everything I do, I need to think about you. And maybe, you understand…so you always whisper to my ears :”mom, you are the most beautiful woman and I love you so much”…hearing this ..Do you think about this story – Snow White and Seven Dwarfs: "mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful girl in this world? (the answer is : mitran) hahaha….

        You grow up and all are changed. I even could not recognize …the nose, the eyes, the mouth…oh, I think, you are growing up and all are too, right? You become prettier and prettier (in my eyes, as a mom), and it makes me so proud of you. But from the depth of my heart, I want you to become a smart girl, and if The God accepted, I would want you to have one more thing : good-heart. You can see, our world has so many poor people,  you can use your brain, your hands or your effort to help them. It’s just a small help and I dare not to ask you a “big thing”. Let’s do some small things and make me  proud, OK?

        3 years old, you’re still tiny, I should not ask you anything. Eat, play, sleep…and growing, that’s all I need.

        Love you my sweet heart. Happy birthday.

        Your ...beautiful

P/s : My dear friends, as I always said : I learn English with my humor sence so please don't serious.... about my "beauty" lol.... I'm just kidding, OK?

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  • Onee...

    I hope so, if not...hahahha...I should "throw her away" now...

    Thanks dear for your sweet comment.

  • Hi beautiful Mom, 

    The affection of a mom is never ending and can't be replaced by anyone else in the world. Your great work will be paid for a the rest of your life. Wish she will be someone that will be your pride. :)

  • My lovely Teacher,

    wow...long time no see and now you come back with a sweet comment. How sweet of you....

    She is very funny (maybe she looks like me). You will be die because of laugh if you meet her in real.


  • Dear Elina,

    hehehe...what's a nice comment! I fly to the moon that no need to transit ....


  • Dear Shoba,

    lol...It;s just kidding, look at you now (your avatar) you are pretier than me...


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  • Dear setareh,

    Thank you. Yes, when they are tiny, they are so sweet. All day, they need their mom, but hhhhhh...they grow up, they don't need us. Me too, I have 16 years old daughter and son is 12. They don't like to go outside with me. I mean, if they want to go somewhere, they will go with their friends...OMG...

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  • Dear Zahra,

    Thank you so much. Your wish is accepted. :)

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    Zahra's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Dear Nida,

    wow...It's a first time I saw your comment on my thought, maybe you don't like the way that I wrote...but it is not...right?)

    Thank you so much

  • My dear Adaline,

    Yes, she had a great day, will post some her photo...please wait and see...


  • Dear Noor,

    hihihi...Yes, Yes, I'm a lovely, beautiful,

    Kidding ...Thanks for your nice comment.

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