You might not believe it!

All people possibly experience love in life...sometimes true love and sometimes one-way love...

when we involve in one-way love, especially for long time, it may destroy our self confidence, we may love truly but our love may not return us…

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what is more delightful for you?

These days, I find walking and accompany with mother more enjoyable ...we could talk about everything ...past and future...sometimes we remember some not good memories and speaking about them help us to solve them and digest them forever in our…

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Should we care more?

Father is always caring other relatives, who has not job, who has not home, who has not husband, who is sick, but he always forgets his family…when we were children, however we were in hardship, father always was concerned about others…

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I feel I am in jail...I like my people live in freedom, their sadness is as my sadness, I am trying to leave all my attachments to join freedom stream, it has started for some days in my country. I want to see peace in all around of the world,…

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  • Hello friend, how are you doing today? My name is Nass. I would like to practice language with you.

  • Hello Azizam ..Welcome to My EC.. Nice to meet you.

  • Khaili mumnoon Venus! Without these paradoxes, life would be very dull and meaningless. Your name reminds me of that famous song. Thanks. 

  • hello Venus

    How are you doing? ,,, hope you are doing well.

  • Dagigan Venus! We always find refuge with those close ones. They understand and try to help you to say whatever inside you. 

  • Muafigum Venus. I agree with you. Long time, where have you been? I hope you pay a visit to my page and leave something there. Thanks. 

  • If new friends are like silver, The old ones are like gold. (mahmood) hahaha

     How are you old chum? How is it going?

  • Halet chetore Venus? Where have you been? Long time. I hope you are very well. Extend my regards to your family and friends. Thanks.

  • Hi Venus this is zari

    Excuse me I couldn't to answer you  becuse mynet was very slow

    Nice to meet you too, if you have a question about cooking , you can ask me becuse I am skilled in cooming.

  • Lutfan Venus, go to my page and see The Wedding and give us your point of view about it, thanks!

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