I feel I am in jail...I like my people live in freedom, their sadness is as my sadness, I am trying to leave all my attachments to join freedom stream, it has started for some days in my country. I want to see peace in all around of the world, children need to enjoy life no involve in war...for making earth as a peacefulness place for human...we need to spread humanity, only it is able to help human kind to live in peace, tell no to religion if it wants to separate people and make war in earth...

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  • Same for you Onee-chan

    Thank you friends

  • Hi Venus,

    I hope everything is gonna be okay there. Best wishes. 

  • Hi Venus!

    I think many people feel like that nowadays. And there are so many bad news on the TV.

    We feel like in a jail because we can do nothing with it. We can just not spread it and hope that it will end soon.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings!

  • I hope that peace will prevail throughout the world, and in your country as well :-)
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